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What is a Valentines' Greeting Card?

A Valentine’s card is sent to lovers or the people you adore to express affection and adoration and at times a confession to someone special on the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day.)

How to Make a Valentines' Greeting Card?

History Extra traced the roots of Valentine’s card-giving as far back as the 18th century. The ancient simple cards were embellished with the old-fashioned flair of poetry lines, love knots, and flowers that were slipped under doors and hanged on doorknobs. When the modern scene consists of swamped gym lockers and overflowing tables, the beautiful lasses of the old must have had a hard time opening their doors.

1. Identify Who Your Receiver/s Will Be

Valentine’s doesn’t only celebrate romance; it’s a festival of love, which means you can send multiple cards to people you cherish. When you do, consider who these people are. Are they a part of your family, your circle of friends, your colleagues, or your business partners? You might want to adjust your layout according to their identity or preferences. If it’s the people in your professional sphere, you might want to craft a professional card with a sincere greeting. If it’s your grandparents, send them an intimate message. Meanwhile, your nieces and nephews will surely appreciate a card with artworks and doodles in bright pastel shades.

2. Draft a Brief Content

A single-line message will suffice. Avoid stuffing your card with a lengthy content and risk ruining the layout. It should be readable in a single glance. If you want to ask someone out, you can immediately pop the question. If you wish to send your regards, make your love greeting concise. If you want to construct a long message, you should consider making a letter instead. When constructed right, even a five-letter sentence could convey the sincerest emotions.

3. Shy Away from the Conventional Valentine Palette

The Valentine shades of red, white, and pink are outdated. Don’t stick to the old tradition. Explore hues and think of layout arrangement that is far from the usual but still serves the same purpose. You can make it elegant, funky, basic, or minimal. The absence of heart-shaped figures, red strips, and glitters won’t make your greeting card less of what it’s supposed to be.

4. Include Personal Touch

It’s a once-a-year affair where you have the permission to be sweet and to make those around you feel cherished. Take advantage of this opportunity and make your greeting card special. Personalize your content with a poem, a small token, a customized envelope, or anything that your receiver can consider as a gift or memorabilia. For a more intimate message, you can include a pun, an inside joke, a funny nickname, or anything personal to both of you.

5. Use a Thick Card Stock

You might be tempted to use low-quality card stock in printing your layout to save some money, but it will do more harm than good. It would ruin your card’s overall appeal. You won’t be able to get your desired result. Invest in fine stationery, and it will reward you a perfect satisfaction rating, which in turn will surely impress your loved ones and the special “one.”

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