Simple Card Templates

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What Is A Simple Card?

Simple cards are minimally designed cards that are often used by persons who want a much simpler design approach to their creative ID, business, or greeting card making. These types of cards are not very particular when it comes to designs and prioritizes more on how it can effectively display its content in a more understandable manner. 

How To Make Simple Cards?

Since simple cards are usually created in a much simple manner, then creating them from scratch will never be a hassle for you. All you have to do is apply the simple guide tips that we have presented below, and you're surely good to go.

1. Identify The Sort

Cards come in different types and forms, and to help you make one, you have to decide what particular type of card are you going to make. Invitation cards, menu, or coupon cards are just some of your many choices. It is essential that you identify first what you want to make because this will be your basis for the succeeding steps to follow.

2. Know What To Include

After identifying the sort, you now have to research what particular details should you include in it. Since most cards come in different types, its content also varies. For instance, if you're opting to create thank you cards, then your card should include essential details like thank you messages and pictures.

3. Present Every Details Clearly

Since most cards often come with minimal to maximum details, it is crucial that you make sure that these details are presented clearly and legibly. To do so, you have to be very particular with your use of font styles and colors and make sure that they are in contrast with one another. For dark-colored schemed cards, light-colored fonts are highly advisable and vice versa. This step must strictly be applied in any card making regardless if it's for birthdays or Father's Day.

4. Observe Coherence

Coherence talks about the quality of being logical and systematic, which must also be heavily applied in creating simple cards. To achieve this, you have to make sure that all details are arranged chronologically. Highlight details that require emphasis so that they can be made noticeable to the ones reading it. Strictly apply coherence not just with the way you present the details but also with how you conceptualize its design. Understanding how the Color Theory works can significantly help you with this one.

5. Print It Out In Appropriate Paper Quality

Nowadays, the majority of simple cards regardless if they're for Christmas or birthdays are often printed out in high-quality and durable papers not just to achieve the best results but also to make sure that all of them would last longer and would not easily be worn out. Although doing so can be quite costly, rest assured that you would also be able to create a professional-looking simple card.