How to Write a Warning Notice

A warning notice is a formal document that indicates the employee's offense as per your company employee handbook or code of conduct. If you want some easy tips on how to write the said notice, we have a few that you can refer to below.

1. Write the Warning Number and Recipient Information

The first part of your notice should include the notice number; this is important for records and documentation purposes. You should also include the recipient information, including name, job title, and immediate head's name.

2. State the Offense

After the formal salutation, you should then start the notice by stating that the employee has committed an offense against company standards and policies. You should explain why it was considered an offense and who reported it to the HR department.

3. Indicate Date of Verbal Warning

If a verbal warning was given before the written warning about the same mistake, you should also include it in the notice. Aside from informing the employee that it is not the first time he/she committed the mistake, it is also needed for record-keeping.

4. List the Consequences

Lastly, list all the possible consequences should the employee fail to correct the offense. For example, you can indicate that the employee may receive a second verbal warning, a second written warning letter, a final verbal and written warning, or termination.

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