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There are different reasons why people leave their jobs. Others feel that it is time to move forward, while others leave for less than ideal terms. Different companies have different rules regarding the resignation process. Companies typically require their employees to submit at least a two weeks notice prior to leaving the company, if only to finish pending work, tie up loose ends, and help make the transition easier for the new employee.

No matter the reason for leaving your job, it is important that you leave in good terms with your boss and colleagues. After all, you never know when you will run into them, or need them for reference later on. Burning bridges may seem like a good idea in the heat of the moment, but if you plan on ever moving to a different company in the same market or industry, you may want to skip an epic resignation meltdown and opt for a perfectly civil, if not amicable resignation letter. After all, you don’t want  that a few years down the line, you’d find yourself in the same path with one of your colleagues or previous boss.

When things don’t work out in your new job, you may want to go back to your previous company. Resigning gracefully will allow you to leave the door open to return in a new or similar position. Remember to keep tabs with your replacement, and if they are unable to find someone capable for your position, you will always have the option to go back. Most, if not all, companies are always willing to welcome back good employees into the folds because you are already acquainted with the job, and will no longer require them to spend resources on training someone new.

Keep your resignation letter short, simple, and direct to the point, no matter how much you are tempted to call them out for your bad experience in the company. It is best to leave your resignation letter on a positive note as well, without needing to be critical of your employer or your job. Remember to include information regarding your last day and thank them for the opportunities offered to you during your time at the company.

After submitting your resignation letter, it is also important that you serve your full notice in order to keep things amicable with your company. In some cases, you may also want to offer help in finding your replacement and leave a thorough handover document to keep your replacement up to speed. offers ready made resignation letters in various notice designs that range from simple to detailed. Each template comes in premium design and is made editable and fully customizable for your convenience. They also come in downloadable formats that make them easily printable for office or commercial use. Choose any of the template examples made available in multiple file formats for email or printing purposes.