A gross misbehavior of conduct? A violation of contract? When this happens, a letter of warning is brought up by the HR and given to the person who has violated the terms and agreement in the company he is currently in. A warning is something that is said, or written to inform people of a danger, a problem or possible conflict. There are different kinds of warning letters to consider when creating one. Initially, warning letters aren’t given out until after the verbal warning, although this purely depends on the kind of violation made and as to what part of company policy was violated in the first place. However, there are those who get directly terminated if the offense is too great. Here is one of the many examples of a warning letter, along with its sub category:

  • Employee warning letter- This letter is given out after the employee has been given verbal warnings either about conduct, tardiness or performance at work. The letter should briefly explain to the reader what offense has been committed and co relate it to what the employee has agreed on the contract he or she signed upon working.

    • Poor performance warning letter- This letter is usually written for employees that are doing poorly at work and are not performing to their fullest potential.

    • Attendance warning letter- This letter is given out when the employee starts having recurring absences.

    • Behavior warning letter- This letter is given out when the employee displays any form of misconduct or any form of behavior that is not suited to the office environment.

Once these letters have been given out, due process will then take into effect. Everything will then be documented and filed for future reference. That way, when the employee repeats his offences or if more of the same complaint letters start piling up again, depending on the company’s bylaws, he can be sanctioned for termination, which will then entail the employee to receive a termination letter.

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