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Table of Contents

  1. Easter Definition & Meaning
  2. When Is Easter?
  3. Easter Purpose & Importance
  4. What’s In Easter?
  5. How to Create an Easter Social Media Post
  6. Easter vs. Christmas
  7. Easter Ideas & Examples
  8. FAQs


Easter Sunday is arguably the most important event not only in the Catholic Church calendar but for the whole Christian community. And at the center of Easter is Jesus Christ whose Resurrection generations of Christians have commemorated and continue to remember each year.

Easter Definition & Meaning

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus or when Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead.

Easter is a highly significant season in the Church calendar, with Easter Sunday marking both the culmination of Holy Week or the Passion of Christ as well as the beginning of the Easter season.

When Is Easter?

Easter does not have a fixed date, it can change every year, but it usually falls anywhere between the later part of March and the first few weeks of April, depending on the Church calendar. Easter Sunday, specifically, is preceded by the season of Lent and the observance of Holy Week.

Easter Purpose & Importance

For Christians around the world and even for non-Christians, Easter is a widely celebrated and well-known event.

Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

For Christian believers, Easter is perhaps the most important Church holiday. Jesus’ resurrection or rising from the dead means that the salvation of man was made possible through Him. This belief and faith in Jesus Christ are at the core of Christendom.

Welcome New Life

Easter is usually celebrated during Spring, either in March or April. The season of spring is associated with new life, growth, and rebirth. And in the same way, Jesus Christ was born into a new life after His suffering and death, Easter is a powerful symbol of new life.

Signify Night to Light

Easter also carries a deep meaning of hope and fulfillment. It signifies the transition from the darkness of death and night to the promise of light and a new dawn. Because without the Passion and death of Jesus, the Resurrection could not have been possible; without Good Friday, Easter would not have been possible.

Remind Believers that Death is Not the End

Through Jesus Christ’s resurrection, it is the Christian belief that this opened the door for the salvation of sinners and all of mankind. It means that even after Jesus suffered a terrible death on the cross, it was not the end of the story. Jesus Christ defeated death and through His example and teachings, invites people to strive for eternal life.

Central to Christianity

The Easter story is not mere legend or folklore, it is central to the Christian faith. When Jesus Christ died on Good Friday and rose from the dead after three days, it inspired countless generations of people to the faith. And to this day, Christianity is one of the major religions with billions of followers.

What’s In Easter?

Easter typically falls in Spring, and that’s the perfect season for being outside and enjoying the freshly bloomed flowers and nature. You can celebrate the holiday through various activities like giving thanks by attending mass or Church service or socializing and spending time with family and friends. It is also quite common for establishments and households to hold annual Easter activities for kids such as Easter egg hunting and decorating.

How to Create an Easter Social Media Post

It is a common practice to extend Easter greetings and well wishes to loved ones on Easter Sunday. Nowadays, social media makes it possible to craft an Easter message post so you can greet everyone in your network without having to individually send a message to each one. Choose your preferred social media platform below and simply follow the step-by-step tutorial guide.


1. Choose an Easter Facebook Post Template

choose an easter facebook post template

Choose from among numerous free and editable sample Easter Facebook Posts. You can use the search bar and simply type in what you’re looking for.

2. Edit the Text Greeting

edit the text greeting

Once you open the editor tool, edit the text accordingly using the Fill tool found on the sidebar menu. You can also customize the text size, font, and color by clicking on the text and adjusting the text settings found above the template.

3. Add Graphics

Feel free to add graphics and other elements to your post. The editor tool comes with dozens of objects and graphics including shapes, avatars, stickers, and even audio.

4. Insert Photos

You can easily upload your photos to include in your Facebook post. Either upload an image from your computer or search for one using Pixabay or Unsplash in the editor tool.

5. Download the Template

download the template

When you’ve finished editing, click on the Download button found in the upper right corner of the screen. After saving your work, you can then upload the photo or post it to your Facebook timeline.


1. Pick an Easter Twitter Post Template

pick an easter twitter post template

Choose any Twitter post template to work with. Select a design that suits your tastes and preferences.

2. Customize the Easter greeting

customize the easter greeting

Using the Fill tool, edit the text in the template. The best Easter messages are short but sincere.

3. Insert Graphics and Objects

If you want to embellish your post further, add graphics and other elements. Whether it has frames, symbols, stickers, or labels, you can easily search for the right one using the search bar in the editor tool.

4. Add Effects

add effects

You can also add special effects to your post. Add transitions and other effects by clicking on the Animate feature in the editor tool.

5. Download the Template

After editing, save your work by hitting the Download button. The file can be downloaded in several file formats including JPG, PDF, PNG, and GIF.


1. Select an Easter Instagram Post Template

select an easter instagram post template

Choose from several editable Easter Instagram posts. Simply utilize the search bar and select a template that suits your needs.

2. Choose a Layout

choose a layout

You can create any Instagram post of your choice. Whether it’s an Instagram ad or a story, there are tons of templates and sizes to choose from.

3. Fill in the Text

Edit the text in the template accordingly. You can change or adjust the size, font, and color easily in the editor tool.

4. Add Pictures

add pictures

Feel free to add more pictures of Easter eggs, bunnies, flowers, and anything you can think of! Search for free pictures using Pixabay and Unsplash or upload your image.

5. Download the Template

save and download the template

Once you are done with your Easter Instagram post, download or share it. Click the Download button in the upper right corner then select a file format of your choice.

Easter vs. Christmas

Easter is a Christian celebration that commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus after suffering and dying on the cross.

Christmas is a Christian holiday that marks the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger in Bethlehem, and it is celebrated every 25th of December.

Easter Ideas & Examples

If you’re still thinking of what to do during Easter or you need help with your Easter Sunday greetings or social media posts, get your creativity rolling with these excellent Easter ideas and examples!

Easter Ideas

For your next Easter gathering, you can give these traditional and non-conventional activities a try.

Easter Examples

Check out these examples for your various Easter social media post, greeting, quote, and marketing material needs.

1. Easter Bible Quote

easter bible quote

2. Easter Egg Poster

easter egg poster

3. Easter Sunday Flyer

easter sunday flyer

4. Easter Digital Signage

easter digital signage

5. Easter Menu Card

easter menu card

6. Funny Easter Quote

funny easter quote

7. Easter LinkedIn Post

easter linkedin post

8. Easter Snapchat Geofilter

easter snapchat geofilter

9. Easter Sunday Church Flyer

easter sunday church flyer

10. Easter Vector Image

easter vector image


What is Easter and why is it celebrated?

Easter is a celebration that is important for Christians around the world because it marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and that event is central to the Christian faith.

Why is a bunny associated with Easter?

Bunnies and rabbits are associated with Easter because they signify new life and spring.

Where did painting Easter eggs originate?

Easter egg painting possibly originated in the 13th century due to the influence of the Byzantine Empire.

How do people celebrate Easter?

People usually celebrate Easter by attending church services, playing triumphant music, socializing, and throwing thanksgiving events and get-togethers.

Why do we color eggs on Easter?

It is often believed that people color or paint eggs on Easter to symbolize the end of Lenten fasting and penance.

What is the real history of Easter?

Some people believe that Easter or the sacred celebration of spring was celebrated as a pagan festival even before the arrival of Christianity.

When did Easter start?

The earliest documented Easter celebration started in the 2nd century.

What do you say on Easter?

People typically greet others on Easter Sunday by saying Happy Easter and sending wishes of goodwill.

What is the significance of Easter?

Easter is one of the most important Church holidays for Christians because it signifies the rising of Jesus Christ from the dead.

Why is Easter pagan?

Some historians believe that in the pre-Christian era, Easter was a pagan festival that celebrated the coming of spring and new harvest.

What are Easter traditions?

Some famous Easter traditions include egg painting and decorating Easter egg hunts, and social events like family get-togethers.

What is the best Easter message?

A good Easter message is usually wrapped in blessings and well wishes.

Why is it important to celebrate Easter?

It is important to celebrate Easter, particularly for Christians, because the event means Jesus triumphed over death and made the salvation of man possible.

What is the theme of the Easter season?

The universal theme of the Easter season is spring, florals, rebirth, and new life.

Why do they call it Easter?

According to some sources, the word Easter came from Eostre who was a pre-Christian goddess in England, and was celebrated to mark the start of spring.

What is the story of Easter?

The Easter story is an important Christian belief that celebrates Jesus Christ rising from the dead on the third day after being crucified on the cross by the Romans.

Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs?

Easter is popularly associated with eggs because they celebrate new life and rebirth.

Why do we eat chocolate at Easter?

Eating chocolate at Easter is historically linked to the season of Lent wherein early Christians abstain from eating animal products like dairy and eggs.

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