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Table of Contents

  1. Waitangi Day Definition and Meaning
  2. When Is Waitangi Day?
  3. Waitangi Day History
  4. Waitangi Day Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s on Waitangi Day?
  6. How to Create a Waitangi Day Social Media Post
  7. Waitangi Day vs. Columbus Day
  8. Waitangi Day Ideas and Examples
  9. FAQs

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day is a widely anticipated public holiday specifically in New Zealand. From the Treaty of Waitangi, and the Maori or te reo language, down to the governor-general Lord Bledisloe’s gift, Waitangi Day celebrations, traditions, and concepts are still revered since the day it was commemorated in 1934.

Waitangi Day Definition and Meaning

Waitangi Day is a well-recognized national holiday in New Zealand as an ode to the Treaty of Waitangi signing that happened way back in 1840.

Waitangi Day reflects the founding document for New Zealand which was signed between the British Crown or sovereignty representatives and about 500 Maori generals or chiefs.

When Is Waitangi Day?

Waitangi Day is celebrated every February 6 since it was the exact date the Treaty was signed in 1840. Meanwhile, the holiday was first commemorated in 1934 until it was made official in 1974 that every February 6’s Waitangi Day is a public holiday.

Waitangi Day History

Waitangi Day is a big deal among Kiwis (people born in New Zealand) because it denotes the Treaty of Waitangi, which is an official agreement involving how Britain colonized New Zealand in 1840. The Treaty itself is the very outline of how the government and its principles played out in New Zealand. Hence, this public holiday is a symbol for Kiwis to remember who they are as a nation every 6th of February.

Waitangi Day Purpose, Importance

Before celebrating Waitangi Day, it helps to take a deep dive into what’s beyond this holiday because every story, culture, or festivity in this event reflects the very past, present, and future of New Zealanders.

Bay of Islands Inspiration

First of all, there are plenty of references as to where Waitangi’s origins were such as Okains Bay and other locations in New Zealand. However, the correct answer of where it was actually inspired is through the Bay of Islands, which was the official Waitangi Treaty grounds. Waitangi also means “weeping water” and that is why its inspiration comes from the bay where the treaty got signed.

Anniversary of the Treaty

Waitangi Day is referred to as the anniversary of the Waitangi Treaty. It is a crucial matter among the people in New Zealand because the whole treaty affected how society works in New Zealand up until now. There were even controversies behind the treaty so understanding the symbolism and events that happened during the document signing should not be overlooked.

Groundbreaking History of New Zealand

Look back into the timelines that lead to making Waitangi Day a holiday and you’d appreciate how the said event goes down through the history books among Kiwis. Its importance continues to grow especially when it defines who New Zealanders are from the past, present, and future. The holiday teaches Kiwis not to forget their roots even as the years go by.

The Gift of Lord Bledisloe

Governor-general or high council Lord Bledisloe gifted a Treaty House to where Waitangi was signed in 1932. Hence, the Bay of Islands ends up as a historical site or national memorial for the Waitangi Treaty. The gift’s intentions were said to end protests and display the relationship between colonizers and indigenous people.

What’s on Waitangi Day?

Whether you are in school, work, or business, Waitangi Day is a public holiday meaning classes and labor won’t have to happen on February 6. However, there are tons of activities expected to celebrate the holiday. Examples are making a waka (Maori word for canoe), waving the flag of New Zealand, singing and attending dance festivals, learning at least 10 facts about Waitangi Day, creating holiday-inspired illustrations, and many other Waitangi Day celebrations.

How to Create a Waitangi Day Social Media Post

You can do so much more on Waitangi Day online besides using the hashtag #WaitangiDay on social media. You can certainly maximize the celebration through creative and unique social media posts such as on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


1. Choose a Waitangi Day FB post template.

choose a waitangi day fb post template is where you browse a series of Waitangi Day templates. Select the Waitangi Day Facebook post template specifically. Then, click “Edit This Template FREE” to get started.

2. Fill in the text.

fill in the text

Inside the Editor tool, work on your FB social media post’s text. Click “Fill” from the left and type in the boxes provided. You can also change the sizes and positions of the fonts on your template design as seen on the right.

3. Maximize the use of graphic features.

maximize the use of graphic features

Press “Graphic” from the left menu. Then, you can search for any graphic image for your template design. Each image you add can also be adjusted depending on your preference.

4. Set the right background.

set the right background

Select “Background” on the left menu once again. Same as with “Graphic” earlier, choose any photo you want to use as your wallpaper or simply pick any color for your background. The background adds depth or graphic element to your post so pick your designs carefully.

5. Save your work shortly.

save your work shortly

Finally, save your file by clicking “…” on the upper right and tapping “Save.” Choose any format you want for the template until you can keep a copy of it on your computer or any device. Then, head to Facebook and post the template during the national holiday.


1. Select a Waitangi Day Instagram post template to optimize.

select a waitangi day instagram post template to optimize

Search from the range of Waitangi Day templates on Next, click on the specific template made for the IG post format. You will then customize it right on the Editor tool for further optimization.

2. Write your holiday greeting.

write your holiday greeting

The “Fill” feature is where you type your Waitangi Day greetings for your Instagram followers. You may change the text inside the fillable boxes. Then, navigate their placements and measurements on the template design found on the right side of your screen.

3. Mind the graphic design.

mind the graphic design

Click “Graphic” to insert any visual element into your design. You might want to add a coloring poster, drawing sign, Waitangi Day party icon, and other graphic resources. These visuals certainly bring the aesthetic factor to your IG post.

4. Look for a variety of backgrounds.

look for a variety of backgrounds

Don’t forget that backgrounds are just as important as graphic images. Every space found in your template is an opportunity or canvas to design. So choose a background that blends well with your foreground elements to achieve a decent presentation.

5. Publish your work on Instagram.

publish your work on instagram

Are you through designing the Waitangi Day Instagram post? Select the three dots above and click “Save” immediately. You can post it as an Instagram ad, story, or post afterward.


1. Pick a premade Waitangi Day WhatsApp post template to edit.

pick a premade waitangi day whatsapp post template to edit

Be sure to view the whole collection of Waitangi Day templates available on Choose the Waitangi Day WhatsApp post template. Then, work on it right to the Editor tool once you select “Edit This Template FREE.”

2. Input the necessary words.

input the necessary words

Navigate to “Fill” so you can start typing the greetings or words to insert into the post. Like a greeting card, you can write a wholesome message or a heartfelt one for fellow New Zealanders. Add as many texts as possible but make sure it looks presentable on the output.

3. Place cool pictures and visuals.

place cool pictures and visuals

Use “Graphics” found on the left side of your screen. Click it and search for any picture you want to insert on your holiday social media post. You may add arts and crafts stickers, inspiring quotes, vector images, cartoon banners, and other types of decorations.

4. Insert a logo, background, or any other aesthetic factor.

insert a logo background or any other aesthetic factor

Whether your business involves travel, university, leadership service, health, the justice system, work fund, or a family enterprise, you can surely add logos to the template. Click “Logo” on the left and insert the logo of your choice for branding purposes. Also, don’t forget to change the background and upload other media to further decorate the post.

5. Save everything and post it on WhatsApp.

save everything and post it on whatsapp

Be sure the follow the same steps as before wherein you save your file. Saving the template also means you finalize what format it is. Then, go to WhatsApp and publish the template as your WhatsApp status or as a post shortly.

Waitangi Day vs. Columbus Day

Waitangi Day celebrates the signed Treaty of Waitangi, and this holiday is observed in New Zealand every February 6.

Columbus Day commemorates the day Christopher Columbus arrived in America or the New World back in 1492, and it is observed on October 9 this coming 2023.

Waitangi Day Ideas and Examples

From decorating the map of New Zealand and celebrating any fun activity to commemorate Waitangi Day, rest assured, you won’t run out of ideas easily on what to do on this national holiday. Start making a checklist since you’ll have an official guide of what other Waitangi Day templates you can customize besides social media posts.

Waitangi Day Website Banner Ideas and Examples

Decorate a Waitangi Day website banner on your website’s layout so people are reminded about the holiday and would know that your site actually respects this particular event on February 6.

waitangi day website banner ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Background Ideas and Examples

Use New Zealand’s flag color scheme in designing a Waitangi Day background because even from the colors alone, people would get an idea that you are remembering the Treaty of Waitangi.

waitangi day background ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Illustration Ideas and Examples

You can never go wrong with a Waitangi Day illustration or drawing to set a creative output for any party, activity, or event where Waitangi Day is the main highlight.

waitangi day illustration ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Vector Ideas and Examples

Vector images exist so you won’t have to scale image sizes manually, thankfully a Waitangi Day vector template exists to make the job easier.

waitangi day vector ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Banner Ideas and Examples

Wave your own version of a Waitangi Day banner during the said holiday and display it on your house, school, or any public establishment as event decor.

waitangi day banner ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Drawing Vector Ideas and Examples

There is just something classic about drawing motifs, even for holiday aesthetics such as a Waitangi Day drawing vector template you can use for any purpose.

waitangi day drawing vector ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Clipart Vector Ideas and Examples

If you have any quick project that requires a picture or clipart related to Waitangi Day, then utilize a Waitangi Day clipart vector to save the day.

waitangi day clipart vector ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Flyer Vector Ideas and Examples

Use the Waitangi Day flyer vector as your official outline of how to make flyers; simply print it or save it as a digital copy.

waitangi day flyer vector ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Wishes Vector Ideas and Examples

Spread your good wishes to Kiwis during Waitangi Day using a premade Waitangi Day wishes vector so you won’t need to start from scratch.

waitangi day wishes vector ideas and examples

Waitangi Day Quote Vector Ideas and Examples

Inspire people about the real story behind the Treat of Waitangi using a thought-provoking Waitangi Day quote vector.

waitangi day quote vector ideas and examples


What is Waitangi Day and why do we celebrate it?

It is the anniversary of the signed Waitangi Treaty, and it is celebrated because it remembers who the Kiwis are as people or as a nation.

What do M?ori people do on Waitangi Day?

There are many examples including building the waka, reading facts about Waitangi, singing, making poems and stories about the treaty, posting on social media with #WaitangiDay, visiting the grounds of the Waitangi Treaty, and many more.

Why is Waitangi Day controversial?

It is controversial because there are protests made by Maori activities, especially when people are debatable when it comes to the effects of colonizing tribes or indigenous groups.

What is so special about Waitangi Day?

It is special in a way that it involves a treaty signed by British representatives and Maori generals.

What are the 3 principles of Waitangi?

These are partnership, participation, and protection.

How do people celebrate Waitangi?

People may celebrate by greeting Waitangi Day on people from New Zealand, learning more about the history of Waitangi, waving the New Zealand flag to the public, or crafting their own versions of Maori canoes aka the waka.

Why is it called Waitangi?

It is translated as a weeping or noisy type of water, which describes the bay where the treaty was signed.

What tribes signed the Treaty of Waitangi?

The Maori tribe and the civil English people.

What does the Treaty of Waitangi say about religion?

The treaty states that protection is granted to the Maori, Roman, Wesleyans, and other English beliefs.

Who started Waitangi Day?

They are the Labour Party.

Are things closed on Waitangi Day?

New Zealand buildings are usually closed to the public on February 6 or Waitangi Day.

Why do people protest on Waitangi Day?

Protests are nuanced such as the positive and negative effects of colonizing tribes and how the government legislation did something to the foreshore and seabed.

What are the main points of Waitangi Day?

It tells New Zealanders to remember their culture, history, and past to ensure a great future for their nation and practice the positive effects brought by the treaty.

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