Halloween is right there among the most popular holidays in the world. For sure, all of us are aware of Halloween, but not all of us know about its meaning, purpose, and history, which are what we’ll be discussing today. halloween

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Halloween Definition & Meaning

Halloween, also called All Hallow’s Eve, All Saint’s Eve, and Allhalloween is a yearly traditional holiday where children and adults dress up in costumes and typically attend spooky-themed parties.

Halloween is an annual holiday that marks the beginning of the Allhallowtide season which consists of the Christian holidays All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

When Is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated every October 31 each year because the Celts used to celebrate their new year on November 1. It is their belief that the night before their new year (October 31st), the line separating the realm of the living and the dead thins, hence allowing ghosts to walk on Earth during that night.

Halloween History

Halloween has come a long way. So let’s explore how it started and evolved throughout the centuries.

Two Millenniums Ago

Halloween started as a Celtic festival called Samhain. It’s a festival marking the closing of the harvest season and the start of the winter season. On Samhain, the dead were believed to cross the border separating them from the world of the living. Worried that the souls of the dead have evil intent, the Celts wore masks, dressed up in costumes, and lit bonfires to ward them off.

43 AD

The Roman Empire added more customs to the Samhain festival, among those is honoring the Roman goddess of trees and fruits, Pomona. Because the goddess Pomona’s symbol is an apple, it’s strongly theorized that the bobbing of apples on modern-day Halloween is inspired by her.


The first known derivations of trick-or-treating began in 1556. Back then, there was this practice known as “souling.” In this practice, peasants travel from house to house begging for food that was offered in memory of the souls of the dead.


The Puritans of New England banned non-Catholics and non-Episcopalians from celebrating Halloween. They believed that Halloween is exclusively a Catholic holiday. And so for the next two centuries, only Catholics and Episcopalians were able to observe Halloween.


Immigrants from Ireland and Scotland arrived in America bringing along their Halloween traditions. They introduced Halloween to the Americans and it eventually become a popular holiday. The immigrants left their home countries to escape the Great Famine.

Early Years of the 1900s

The idea of Halloween being centered around ghosts and witchcraft has been neglected. It became more of a holiday that was intended for get-togethers, parties, family gatherings, and general leisure.


Anoka, Minnesota organized its first official Halloween celebration in the United States. Other cities and states in the US then did the same in the few years that followed.

1930s Onwards

Halloween became a mainstream celebration. Shops selling Halloween items and costumes sprouted across cities. Subsequently, Halloween started being commercialized by major companies. It also made its mark on pop culture. Novels, TV shows, and books centered around horror released every year since then.

Halloween Purpose, Importance

Halloween is more than just dressing up as fictional characters, witches, and pumpkin heads. There are deeper reasons why Halloween is celebrated that modern times have overshadowed.

Preparation for the Allhallowtide Season

Halloween precedes the Allhallowtide season, specifically All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. Christian families spend Halloween on October 31 preparing for those days. Many of them will be visiting their deceased loved ones in the cemeteries, offering prayers for their souls, praying to saints, and attending mass.

Ward Off Spirits

Though the practice is virtually extinct nowadays, it’s important to point out that Halloween was originally celebrated by the Celts to ward off dark spirits. As mentioned earlier, they believe that the night of October 31st (the night before their new year celebration) is when spirits will cross the boundary between the living and the dead. So to ward them off, they lit bonfires and wear costumes. The Celt’s wearing of costumes is where the modern Halloween celebration got the idea of dressing up as witches, ghosts, goblins, mythical creatures, and fictional characters.

Dress Up and Have Fun

Modern Halloween is more about dressing up and having fun, particularly for children. Today’s Halloween has a great sense of community. Kids would dress up as Disney princesses, superheroes, witches, or fairies and go trick or treating. Some adults attend Halloween parties filled with music, good food, and lots of drinks.

What’s on Halloween?

On the day of Halloween, kids will be trick or treating all day. They would go from house to house bringing along treat bags and asking for candies and other sweet treats. Halloween parties for adults will also take place in houses and clubs. Attendants of such parties would dress up as anything or anyone they want, typically fictional characters.

How to Create a Halloween Social Media Post

Thanks to social media, we can share just about anything that we have in mind in an instant. So if you’re excited about this year’s Halloween, express your excitement on social media. Create a Halloween social media post and share it with your friends and followers.


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3. Insert additional Halloween clip art.


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5. Save your Halloween Facebook post draft.


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5. Save your Halloween Whatsapp Post Draft.


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Halloween Facts

Here are some interesting and fun facts that you should know about Halloween:

  • Traces of ancient Halloween celebrations date way back 2,000 years ago during the time of the Celtic people.
  • Halloween was originally celebrated to ward off ghosts on the festival of Samhain by the Celts.
  • Pumpkins which are famous items on Halloween are actually classified as fruits, not vegetables.
  • It was Irish immigrants in the US who introduced Halloween to the Americans.
  • The famous Jack-o’-Lantern on Halloween is inspired by an Irish urban legend about Stingy Jack, the man who is believed to have fooled the devil.
  • Candy wasn’t a trick-or-treat item until the 1950s.
  • The famous magician Harry Houdini died in 1926 on the day of Halloween.
  • The classic Disney show Hocus Pocus was initially titled Halloween House.
  • Some states in the US have an unofficial event called Mischief Night. It’s observed the night before Halloween when teenagers pull pranks.
  • There’s a name for the feeling of fearing Halloween which is Samhainaphobia. The term is derived from a Celtic festival called Samhain—the festival that inspired Halloween.

Halloween vs. Thanksgiving

Halloween is a yearly celebration observed on October 31 where people attend parties in costume and kids go trick-or-treating dressed up as mythical characters and creatures.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States celebrated to be grateful for the blessings and good fortune of the year that passed.

Halloween Ideas & Examples

Make your Halloween plans as early as today. It’s better to prepare now so you can just relish your excitement later on. Go over our Halloween ideas and examples below for inspiration.

Halloween Ideas

Here are some excellent activities for Halloween:

  • Hang some Halloween ornaments and decorations inside your house and in your front yards such as bats, spiders, cobwebs, witch’s broomsticks, and more.
  • Craft DIY masks of witches and goblins and other Halloween props.
  • Go trick-or-treating outdoors with your kids.
  • Create and send Halloween postcards to your loved ones and friends living in other cities.
  • Bake cookies and other sweet treats.
  • Prepare a DIY Halloween outfit and wear it for a Halloween party.
  • Create your own Halloween cocktail menu.
  • Purchase toys and give them as Halloween gifts to your kids.
  • Dress up as your favorite superhero, princess, or any fictional character on Halloween.
  • Binge-watch horror movies with your friends and make it a movie marathon party.

Halloween Examples

Below are displays of some of our most well-designed Halloween Day templates and examples. Check them out and don’t forget to download them.

1. Black Halloween Club Flyer


2. Halloween Costume Party Invitation


3. Halloween Sticker


4. Zombie Invasion Halloween Flyer


5. Halloween Party Poster


6. Halloween Trick or Treat Poster


7. Halloween Face Painting Poster


8. Halloween Holiday Planner


9. Halloween Folded Card


10. Halloween Fest Banner



Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Nowadays, we celebrate Halloween to dress up in costume, going trick-or-treating with kids, and attending parties.

What makes Halloween scary?

The scary thing about Halloween is that it’s believed to be a time of the year when the souls of the dead walk the Earth.

What do you say on Halloween Day?

You say “Happy Halloween” to people that you meet.

Why do you wear masks on Halloween?

The original reason why the wearing of masks is a custom on Halloween is to conceal people’s identity from ghosts who might mistake them as fellow spirits.

When was the first Halloween started?

The first Halloween celebration in the US was in 1921 in Anoka, Minnesota.

Who came up with Halloween?

Not one person came up with Halloween; it was derived from Samhain, an ancient festival in Celtic culture.

Why do we trick or treat on Halloween?

In modern times, trick or treat is practiced on Halloween to make kids happy by giving them candies and other sweets.

How do you explain Halloween to a child?

To explain Halloween to children, you can simply say that it’s a day to dress up in costume, go out with friends, and visit houses to ask for sweet treats.

What does a pumpkin mean on Halloween?

The pumpkin on Halloween is said to symbolize the celebration of the memory of lost souls.

Why did Halloween start in America?

Halloween started in America not long after Irish and Scottish immigrants introduced the holiday to the Americans.

What vegetable is part of a stinky tradition on Halloween?

The vegetable that’s part of a stinky Halloween tradition is cabbage.

Why do you get candy on Halloween?

The practice of getting candy on Halloween is derived from our instincts as humans to crave sugar during the fall, according to Beth Kimmerle, a candy historian.

What is the main symbol of Halloween?

The candle-lit pumpkin is the main symbol of Halloween.

What are the traditions of Halloween?

The most prominent Halloween traditions are dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and pumpkin carving.

Why do you dress up on Halloween?

Dressing up on Halloween is inspired by the Samhain festival where the Celtic people wear costumes as a way of warding off spirits with ill intent.

What is usually done on Halloween?

The most obvious thing that’s usually done on Halloween is people wearing costumes.