Photoshop has been on the market for more than a decade. Perhaps the first time you heard people talk about it was back in 2003, a time you were just a junior high school kid with the passion for computers. Photoshop is one of the tech wonders today; it’s simple to use and easy to learn. There are hundreds of Photoshop video tutorials for beginners and intermediates, and the goal of each video is to make the software easy to learn. Photoshop doesn’t have a real competitor although critics would argue this claim Read More

What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is the best and the most popular photo editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It’s the standard tool for image editing, photo design, backgrounds creation, Photoshop Documents development, and website design. The software has a large user base, so it might not be wrong to say that 80% of people who’ve captured photos, using either digital cameras or smartphones, must have used Photoshop for digital image editing at one point in time – or maybe multiple times. The software is popular among students, photographers, web designers, website developers, and graphic artists. Even computer newbies want to try the software for personal projects sometimes.

The Simplicity of Photoshop

Photoshop has Powerful Actions for non-skilled artists

Although Photoshop is easy to use, a beginner may find it difficult to get around the entire application on the go. If you are a beginner, you aren’t going to create your photos the same way an expert would, and your collection won’t look very great, either. However, Photoshop has powerful actions that you can learn and use to create high-quality images that look exactly like those done by an experienced Photoshop artist. The actions are easy to learn, and the lessons don’t take long either. The beauty of actions is that they make your photos look more appealing and professional, despite your little knowledge in photo editing.

Photoshop is a popular web design tool

The number one rule to remember before your start web development is website template. You need to predetermine what you intend to achieve before you start writing your first block of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code.

Create and share

These features are the top right of the editor. The create feature helps you to create custom projects. It contains many options from printing many photos, calendars or Facebook covers. The share menu helps you to share your work on other platforms online such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

Guided edit mode

The edit mode helps you to get more advanced photo editing scenarios with text and tools. Photoshop has forty guided edit modes that include photo merge and group shots to other new edits such as speed effects.

The newly added Photoshop features


Photoshop now has two Blur options: the path and the spin options the features are ideal when creating a sense of motion and speed. You only need to create layers of the elements you need to add the effect.

Focus Area

The focus area allows the software to know where you are focusing when taking photos. It can thus crop only that particular part of the image.

More Fonts

Photoshop now directs you to Typekit app, which gives you access to over a thousand fonts to use.


In conclusion, Adobe Photoshop remains the best easy-to-use application for editing images. The developers keep developing more additional features making you enjoy its benefits more. It makes the user entirely dependent on its ability to produce quality images to the viewer’s satisfaction.