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Audit Templates

What Is an Audit?

Audits are a way to check and balance the affairs that run society and the whole world itself. Without it, the whole institution by which it stands would fall into chaos, decay, and eventual demise. Businesses and organizations alike would willingly dive into great depths to prevent that from happening. Auditing, in a nutshell, allows businesses and organizations to plug and solve problems before they become worse and destroy everything they built.... Read More

audit debrief templates

3+ Audit Debrief Templates in PDF | MS Word

The audit debrief is reviewing or recalling of the performances in the financial system and also looking for the areas to build upon. It is the task of carefully looking after the areas and things by the auditors in the organizations or the business. The team members of the organization must request the feedback from each member of the client of the company. It is very necessary to cross-check with the client and measure the engagement level throughout the engagement.

11+ Audit Corrective Action Plan Templates in MS Word | Excel | PDF

As there is a saying that ” with big positions comes the big responsibilities”. It is the huge duty to look after the financial matter of a company. And, when these responsibilities are handed over to the particular audit party to provide a corrective action plan to the client. Then, there are two types of audit people. The first one, who finds discrepancies in the inventory figures in the financial statement. The other type of auditor gives solution to the problems or issues in the critical financial situation. Hence, the second type of auditors gives corrective plans to the financial problems of the organization.

10+ Free Audit Findings Report Templates in PDF | MS Word

The audit report is the ending result of an audit and can be utilized by the receiver person or organization as a means for financial reporting, investing, changing operations, demanding accountability, or making decisions. The formal opinion of audit findings is an audit report. Have a look at the audit findings report templates provided down below and choose the one that best fits your purpose.

11+ Asset Management Audit Templates in PDF | MS Word

Through applying an asset management audit, the maturity of an organization in its asset management practices and processes can be determined. The term asset management as a concept basically evolved from maintenance management to provide a more comprehensive approach to managing the life of a particular physical asset or assets. According to the developed methodology, you can create the roadmap to asset management excellence through the application of an asset management audit.

6+ 401 K Audit Templates in PDF | MS Word

401 k Audit is the evaluation or the analysis of the 401k plan. It is the process of the plan’s financial standing which is conducted by an independent but qualified accountant. The 401 k plan is a retirement plan in which the plan holder can invest some amount before the deduction of the taxes. The Audit is done on the plan to check the authenticity of the plan.