23+ Best Premium Responsive Mobile Templates / Designs


Thousands of webmasters get the shock of their lives when users complain of the web content getting concocted when opened on a mobile device. Responsive mobile designs are the solutions and safeguards for all websites, ensuring that web design retains its coherence and all content comes in the predefined layout that makes the desktop version of the website so alluring. Mobile website templates come to you from all categories, such as corporate, nature, portfolio, architecture, education and training, medicine and hospitals including specialized templates such as dentists, etc. With customizable sliders, menus, layouts and buttons, these templates are all that a webmaster and a web designer can require for creating an engaging mobile website. Image heavy websites can leverage slider based displays to provide maximum content with minimum lag, SEO features to add meta tags, keywords, optimized URLs, and more, and QR codes generators to make the journey to your mobile website as simple as point-and-click. Among other prominent features of mobile responsive templates are their compatibility with retina ready displays, especially those in iDevices. These templates come with in-built variations of layouts, present pages such as About Us, Terms of Use, etc, and layered PSD files that allow designers to create websites that are tailor made for their applications.

19+ FREE WEBSITE Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Apple (MAC) Pages, HTML5, WordPress, Microsoft Publisher

Ocean Mobile Template


Ocean Mobile Template is a high-end, fully-featured mobile template from Envato. With flat design and responsive layout, this mobile template supports Android, WP8 and IOS platforms. This mobile template has been fully equipped with tools like CSS animated charts, Google Map support, landscape and portrait layout and layered PSDs.

Mobile Cloud a App Based Mobile Website Template

mobile cloud website for high end mobiles like samsung nokia mobile website templates for free home w3layouts

Mobile & Tablet Template

enabled mobile previews

A large percentage of your customers access your website from their mobile phone or tablet device. So, it is important to make your website mobile friendly. Use a mobile & tablet template to create a website that can be accessed smoothly from such devices as well.

Flubia a Mobile App Based Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

flubia home w3layouts

Flubia is a mobile application based web template that you can effectively use to create a product based website. It is attractive in design without compromising on the user expectations and requirements. Fully featured with grid style elements and a striking color scheme, this web template is fully responsive and efficient.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

signum preview

Whatever business you run, it is important to have an easily accessible online presence. This mobile & tablet responsive template helps in creating a website that your prospective customers can easily browse on their mobile and tablet devices. Thanks to its user-friendly design, it can be created with almost no technical knowledge.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

signum preview1

App Based Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

mobileapp website template home w3layouts

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

signum preview tablets

Visitors will get to enjoy the content in the best possible way when you choose this retina ready mobile web template—Trolley. Navigation is a breeze and it has fully responsive design. Customization is easy and this template offers the perfect user experience.

A&W a App Landing Page Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

a w landinge bootstrap website template home w3layouts

This one is a mobile application based web template that can be effectively used to create an individual or company website. With strong points like attractive design and fully-equipped features, this web template is a hit among people longing for web development. Use it to create a fully responsive website on your own.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

signum landscape

Slasher comes with a complete black background and offers simple and easy navigation. It has 100% responsive design and gives an immersive app feel. You can create icons easily and customize the way you want. It is sure to give a wonderful user experience.

Pix Photography folio Mobile Website Template

free pix website template home w3layouts

If you love pink, then this mobile website template is a perfect choice for you. Although it is based upon the folio website of a photographer, it can be used for almost any application in this world. With pink color and geometric designs, it turns out to be an ultimate choice for all.

Business Mobile Template

business mobile template 29669 copy

A business mobile template is the ultimate tool that you would need while designing a mobile website for a business. Whether you are offering products or services, this template will answer all your web designing related queries. Use this top quality template to give a touch of professionalism to your approach.

Aura Premium Mobile Theme

aura premium mobile theme

Business Mobile Template

business mobile template 34269

Go Mobile

gomobile a next generation web app theme

Go Mobile template makes it easy for all to create a professional, yet beautiful online presence. Whether you want to promote your business, start an online shop or showcase your expertise in a field, this Go Mobile template has everything that you need to create a fully-functional, high quality website.

Business Mobile Template

business mobile template 34268

Pocket Mobile Template


With this Pocket Mobile Template, you can create a professional looking business website on your own, and avoid employing an expensive designing professional. Being a fully-featured website design template, it saves you money as well as time, and at the same time ensures quality on your online business presence.

Mobile Retina HTML5 & CSS3 with WebApp

signum preview2

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

signum preview3

Another one in the list is this one which goes by the name Stroller. It is one of the best selling templates and has a beautiful design. Give your website a much needed facelift with this template and attract more customers.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Web Template

smarty mobile tablet responsive retina website theme

Want to take your business to mobiles and tablets? Then this retina ready mobile web template named Smarty is what you can opt for. It offers HTML pages that are ready to use and there is 20 designs to choose from.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Template

trolley color choice

Web Development Website Template

web development website template

Lack of an appropriate business website can actually portray you as unprofessional and amateur, but if you are a startup entrepreneur, hiring a professional web designer can cost you a lot. So, you can use this web development website template to create a professional, yet free website for your business.

A Bold jQuery Mobile Template

nightly mobile template lukepostulka

This Bold jQuery Mobile Template is a professionally designed web design mobile template that is fully featured to comply with standards and provide full accessibility to your visitors. Use this template to create your own website at a fraction of cost that you would have spent on hiring a professional firm.

Mobile Retina HTML5 & CSS3 with WebApp

mobile retina html5 css3 with webapp

This Mobile Retina HTML5 & CSS3 with WebApp fills in the gap between an amateur business website owner and a professional web designer. It is a ready-made website design, including navigation tools, images, Flash animation and some sample pages as well. Just fill in your business content and customize it as per your requirements.

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