30+ HTML 5/ CSS3 Mobile Website Templates

Websites need to be organized especially so that they smoothly open up on mobile devices. These templates are easy to install, facilitating your websites with a unique range of features. Overall, the visibility of your website increases and the site is highly optimized after you install any of these templates.
Top HTML 5/CSS 3 mobile website templates

Mobilize – Multi-purpose Mobile Template

This mobilize template is perfect to create website for mobile to represent an agency, fashion store, real estate business or restaurant. The homepage of the website flashes a crystal clear image of your business or service.

Cool Touch Mobile & Tablet Template

Touch mobile & tablet design will win your audiences heart with its sliders, tiled formats, borderless design and catchy image galleries.

Simple Mobile Template

My Mobile Page V2

Impact Mobile

This is a mobile website template that has a simple and minimalistic design. The website has a monochromatic theme. The images are friendly and can be edited safely.

iClean Theme

The iClean Theme is best suited for the websites who serve companies with business solutions and assistance. This mobile website design template has features like sliced PSD, advanced theme options and Favicon.

1st Giant Leap Mobile Template

The 1st Giant Leap Mobile Template is suited aptly for the website designers, and graphic designers. This ready html5 website template download free has online chat facility and has multiple column layers.


HotCake template is well suited for web marketing companies and agencies. This mobile html5 websites 2016 is packed with ideal features like multiple theme and design options, header, sidebar and layouts of various styles.

Metro Mobile

The Metro Mobile Themes are ideal for the web designers and developers and also the bloggers. This free mobile template is packed with functions like video integration, live chat facility, great commenting system, and social options.

Black Mobile Pro

Moby Elite

Esepina Mobile

Retro Metro

Side Mobile Retina

360 Mobile Theme

IMGRo Mobile Retina


Simple and elegant this is a template theme that has a very interesting look. The template is ready to be printed and also has a great resolution range. This can enable the user to get very good quality of printouts. The template is customizable.

Storefront Mobile

Troller Mobile Retina

My Personal Mobile Portfolio

This template design has a structure that can support both paragraph style of writing and also a bullet point of writing. The images are stunning and retina friendly. The template has a host of responsive icons.


This is a template layout that has navigable features. The user or the web designer can employ this format for making super attractive and responsive features. The layout is the best tool for creating websites for mobile brands.

121 Mobile

The template design can serve to be the best platform for the web designers to create an attractive and an effective website. The template has a well structured and an organized slide show. This can increase the beauty of the website.


This is a template format that has a great color play. The template is fully editable. The user can make changes in the content of the template and also the background of the template. The user can feed in information as per requirement.

InMobile V2

Signum Mobile

Moby-Plus Mobile

The color play of this template is very bold and attractive. The user can download this template with a lot of ease and speed.

Product Promo

The mobile website templates can be employed for making super attractive mobile websites.

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