Mobile Templates

With the new era of storing the world in your mobile phones, it has become necessary to find both entertainment and work on mobile phones. These Mobile Templates are apt for creating mobile apps according to your design and preferences. Add your own colors, background pictures, theme colors, layout options and of course suitable and attractive fonts to these mobile apps. Give your followers an elegant and exclusive experience of glitch-free browsing, playing and working Read More

One template connects them all-

The Mobile Templates are of course responsive and have retina display which makes them compatible with most mobile devices. It is of prime importance that good Mobile Templates be compatible to all popular OS which include Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android. These templates are free but that does not restrict their utility and functionality. They can be edited, elements added and removed in accordance with requirement. It is more like a Botox for your sluggish responsive webpage.

Capture the world in one template-

Get multiple sidebar navigation styles, multiple pages, multiple layout options, swipe galleries and slider options along with multiple device compatibility with the new Mobile Templates. these new templates are even PhoneGap and Cordova ready. The CSS3 coding imparts cool animations and transitions to your mobile apps. There are CSS3 Toggles, Tabs and Buttons as well exclusively for your designed mobile app. You can also find jQuery swipe image sliders, photoswipe sliders, checkboxes, tabs and toggles from jQuery inside the source files. The pixel perfect effects and transitions are now free and downloadable for any user.