32+ Free PHP Website Templates & Themes

PHP is among the game changers of contemporary web designing, so much so that designers are careful about selecting website templates that work with source codes and core PHP in MySQL, Laravel, etc. Whether you wish to create a dedicated mobile website covering any trending niche, or looking for PHP website templates to create forum-based websites, there are some really attractive designs awaiting you. You may also see Free WordPress Website Theme Templates.

Free Simple Wedding PHP Website Template

wedding php framework website template
Developing a wedding planner website? Don’t know how or where to begin? Well, let this awesome PHP template be your guide. This template features all the necessary vital information which the guests must know about. There is also a section on the homepage itself where you can insert a back-story about the bride and groom. Cute, right? You may also see IT & Software Website Templates.

Free Welcome Page Freelancer Portfolio PHP Website Template

freelancer php website template
This PHP-based design website template for freelancers’ exhibit portfolios for web developers, graphic artists, and user experience designers is one with cartoon-themed sections to other pages of the site.

Free PHP Web Application and Admin Panel Template

php web application and admin panel template

Free Travel Agency PHP Website Template

free travel agency php website template

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Free Modern Job Portal PHP Website Template Graits

modern job portal php website template

Free Yolo – Responsive Website Template with PHP Framework

yolo responsive website template with php framewor
This PHP website in HTML5 is apt for anyone that is looking to do or redo travel or places-to-visit social design website. The PHP framework is loaded with flexibility. This sample contains places to eat in, play, and relax categories for travel and sightseeing with a picture slideshow on the main page. You may also see PHP website in Excel.

Basic Puremedia PHP Free Website Template

puremedia php free website template
If you are looking for PHP templates in HTML5 where you can have your latest works do the talking for your business credibility, this sample template here would be great with its huge space for your design portfolio. It commences with a stunning slider banner for good advertisement and the menu bar is at the top.

Use of Bootstrap in PHP

PHP website bootstrap template is often very responsive and there are many options available on such legal websites. The theme of the web is usually wired with Bootstrap to create an amazing homepage. Many customizing options can be added with help of this without using complex software. This also enables the use of navigation keys on the web page. You may also see Website Checklist Templates.

How to Design a Webpage Using PHP?

PHP can also be used to design a web page and it is relatively easy to use PHP. The source code can easily be modified and it is also possible to make the website driven by the database as well as great graphics. PHP software gained a lot of popularity in recent years and since then it has been in use and the popularity is still on the rise. Most of the index pages are also created with help of PHP. One such tool that can be used is CodeIgniter. Unlike free website builders, where visual editors (drag-and-drop) are used to develop responsive websites, you will need certain developer skills to use PHP. The tool provides a web application framework that uses MVC architecture to develop web applications in nick of time. You may also check out here Website Construction Templates.

Virtue Online Shopping Free PHP WordPress Theme

virtue free php wordpress theme
This modern template with a virtue WordPress theme features projects, latest blog posts, contacts, home, portfolio, features, and shop and download links all on the main page with an option for customizable images.

Free Zoon Code Ignitor PHP Website Template

zoon php website template
This is a very cool and stylish landing page to have for a website that is under construction. This is a business mind map website PHP template with a countdown timer. There is also a box included, clicking on which your traffic can submit their emails to receive updates from the site. You may also see Website in PPT.

Free Spectral HTML5 PHP Template

spectral html5 php template
If you’re working on building a website that demands heavy-duty images then this spectral design template is more than just ideal for the purpose. The images you put up in this basic template will be customizable links that we redirect to other landing pages in HTML5 , together also providing info and details about the pages. You may also see the Best PHP Software Plan Template.

Free Agency Bootstrap Template with PHP Contact Form

agency bootstrap template with php contac
Equipped with responsive features and options, this PHP website in PSD is more than just an ideal pick for agencies and small business firms. This theme is wired with Bootstrap technology; it’s a one-page theme that has got a great design and layout. Features include quick navigational keys, responsive fallback settings, smooth page scrolling, many customizing options, etc. You may also see Bootstrap in HTML5.

Spatial Free PHP Coded Template

spatial free php coded template
Developed for multi-purpose functions, Spatial is a cool website design with many basic features. This one-page layout is built on HTML by adding features like caption, big header image, a blog header area, feature area, contact form, thumbnails, and social sharing options and is available for free of cost. You may also see PHP Pricing Page Templates.

Free Zero Type PHP Website Template

free zero type php website template

Free Modex Photography Creatives with PHP Framework

modex creatives with php framework
Modex is developed as a portfolio theme powered by the Bootstrap framework. It is an ideal design for personal purposes, agencies, and creative minds. This theme is free to download and easy to set up with other features like responsive designs, easy customizations are compatible with major browsers, and is licensed under the creative common license. You can also see more on Website Development Templates.

Free Webdesign Gaming Studio PHP Website Template

webdesign studio php website template
For a web design or web development or webpage company profile, it is a must to have a website that showcases their caliber and merit in the best way possible. Take a look at this amazing specialized PHP template, which is designed to cater to the needs and demands of web design and graphic design firms. You can also see a website proposal templates.

Free Highlights – Car Tental HTML PHP Website Template

highlights html php website template
If you’re hoping to establish an online presence for yourself and your work – especially if you’re in one of the creative fields – we would totally recommend that you deck up your website with this minimalist and very stylish PHP software in pdf. It is has a single-page design and is fully responsive. You may also see Website Document Templates.

Free Pluton – Colourful PHP Website Template

If yours is a creative mind and you’re associated with one of the creative fields of work, then obviously you’ll need a website that showcases your professional merits. If you own a design studio or agency, this single-page Bootstrap-HTML-powered general template – with its fully responsive and fully-adaptable design, – is absolutely perfect. You may also see PHP software planner templates.

Free Transit – Car Dealer PHP Website Template

transit php website template
If you are looking for functional free quality templates for a website in PHP, this template here would be wonderful with its neat and smart corporate theme. It opens up with a great banner with a menu bar at the top. Below the banner, you will include special features of your IT company and also introduce your company team with pictures.

How to Make/Design/Edit/Create PHP Website

As mentioned earlier, PHP is a great tool for making and editing websites. There are several open-source software suites that can be used to integrate and compile Websites. It is quite simple to create a PHP web page as one can simply use a notepad to write a PHP code and the file can then be saved in a PHP format software in word . Then the file can be opened with a web browser to check the content of the page. In order to edit a web page, a person can simply copy the source code and the source code can be copied on a notepad, and then it can be edited. You may also see Dynamic PHP WordPress Templates.

Free Aerial – HTML5 Theme with PHP Mockup

aerial html5 theme with php mockup
Whether you’re an avid traveler or an artist looking for a website representation, this super-cool, and fully loaded Outlook template is one of the best options you have for consideration. Even if it’s a blog post that you want to put up, this free theme template is ideal for the purpose!

Free Squadfree Free Social Networking Bootstrap PHP Template

squadfree free bootstrap php template
If you want a PHP design website template that has a good mix of simplicity and modernity in its layout, design, and features, let us introduce you to this awesome bootstrap-powered PHP website basic template. The theme is additionally loaded with special sections, drop-down menus, and many advanced basic functions.

Free Loft City – Real Estate PHP Website Template

loft city real estate php website template
This is a classically designed theme template which is a perfect option to consider if you’re designing or developing a website for businesses in real estate, travel, and hospitality, you can also use this for making hospital websites. The theme is packed with lots of customizing options including an integrated booking system, search block, image galleries, etc. You can also see more on Company Website Templates.

Free Women Fashion Designs College PHP Website Template

free women fashion designs php website template

Free Landed PHP HTML5 Template

landed php html5 template
If you are in quest of great responsive free templates download for software PHP, this one would be a great option for you. The black background looks classy to the T and goes on to make a fabulous sample banner. Below the banner, you can include a brief welcome message on part of your company which would be followed by a sneak peek and the link to your latest sample post.

Free Classified Interphase PHP Template Example

interphase php template
You are getting a smashing free PHP in PSD template here which comes alive with a classy banner that would even include a link to a specific page on your website- say the “about us” page or the latest post from your portal. Below you will discuss the salient aspects of your company followed by pictures of your latest projects. You can also see more on Ecommerce Website Templates.

Free Yoga Fitness PHP Website Template

free yoga fitness php website template

Free PHP Music Studio Website Template

free php music studio website template
For designers working on developing music band websites – fresh and existing, this vivacious and lively theme is the best option. Be it for musicians, music bands, record labels, or any other music-related entity, this theme is packed with stunning features – customizable pages, social media integration, lots more – and is easy to download and install!

Free Event Management Horizons Beautiful PHP Website

horizons beautiful php website template
If you are looking for beautiful responsive PHP website in pages for your business, this one would be a great option for you. It opens up with a soothing banner where you can even mention your menu bar. The modern banner is followed by a sneak peek on your different pages with pictures and the space below is for the special features of your company.

Free Clean Blog Free PHP Bootstrap Template

clean blog free php bootstrap template

Free Artist Ecommerce Website PHP Template

artist website php template

Free HTML5 PHP Dreamweaver Website Template

html5 php dreamweaver website template

Free Stylish and Professional PHP Blogger Template With Layouts

stylish and professional php blogger template with

Free Developing Online Shopping PHP Website Template

developing online shopping php website templatetheseus.fi
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With top HD quality PHP website design templates at their disposal, designers can be at ease while designing websites for clients. As the formal templates are readily power-packed with options and features, designers can freely work to manufacture websites that are at par or better than the existing market standards, without worrying about coding and scripting. You can also see IT software website Templates.

  • The collection of themes that you see here covers a range of categories including nature, wildlife, abstract designs, corporate, blogging, and also portfolios. The themes are contemporary choices handpicked from the world of free-to-download PHP general templates that are best in the business today. Make a choice and download now.
  • One of the biggest plusses of the readymade PHP website templates is that even rookies get a chance to learn and involve themselves in the website—building process without ever getting intimated by coding and other technical aspects. Furthermore even experienced PHP coders are able to have a good time working with modifiable and reusable scripts. You may also see PHP Blog header templates.
  • Dashboarding features of these PHP templates are powerful enough to offer you swift web management, along with sophisticated monitoring, tracking, and editing capabilities, apart from being an organized cockpit of everything you could want to do with the PHP templates. You may also see PHP Software in publisher format.

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