9 Education PHP Themes & Templates

In the present generation, even education has moved online. Students now prefer to study online and gather their study material online. Consequently, there are hundreds of educational websites that have started out online. In fact, there are separate websites which provide coaching to students who require help with their syllabus. For such websites, these theme templates would be just perfect. These templates can also be used by colleges planning to introduce new courses and curriculum. You can also see Education Blog Themes.

education php themes

Business School Education PHP Template

business school education php template Going to business school is a big deal and a dream come true for most people. If you run a business school, or maybe you want to provide special coaching classes to students who are planning to study business, you can make use of this business school template. Once you download the template, you will be able to edit and customize the template as you please by entering your subtitles in the spaces provided.

Education Training PowerPoint PHP Template Education Training PowerPoint PHP Template
Most students go in for special coaching classes that can train them for their dream jobs. Now are you arranging for one such training session? Then you could impress your students with the help of a PowerPoint presentations. To create the first page of your PowerPoint presentation, you could take the help of PowerPoint template. This beautifully designed template is sure to get your students’ attention.

Premium Education Responsive PHP Theme

premium education responsive php theme
Well, if you’re creating an educational website, it should be both professional and smartly designed. Students can be pretty fickle unless you impress them. That’s why, you should take a look at this professional theme template. You could arrange all your courses and training sessions neatly in an organized manner with this template which comes with the following features – Cool fonts Favicon uploader Slideshow features A number of color schemes

Education PHP Theme For College

education php theme for college
All colleges have their official websites now. For that, you could use this template. It would consist of separate sections for different pages of the website. You will be able to add details about the course, the curriculum, the facilities you offer, description of student life at your college and so on. Also, you can customize the template to add the name of your college at the

School District PHP Theme Download

school district php theme download
A website designed for school should be easy to use since it would be accessed by students. That’s why you could use this template which has been specially designed for them. The bright and colorful template is sure to be appreciated by students who have a short attention span. It also comes with the following features –

  • CSS coding
  • HTML5 compatibility
  • Numerous color schemes
  • HD images

Education PHP Template Children

education php template children
If you’re in charge of a kindergarten or a preschool, then you could use this formal theme template to create the official website. All you really have to do is download the template. You will be able to customize the details to add a brief description about the school you’re running and the facilities you offer. That would certainly set you apart from the other schools. Isn’t that what you want?

Education PHP Theme For Kindergarden

education php theme for kindergarden
When you’re talking of websites for preschools and kindergartens, then you’re actually directing the website at the parents. If you manage to form a good impression, the parents could be convinced to send their kids to your school. That’s why you should go for this beautifully designed template. The colorful background is sure to win over both the children and the parents.

Educational PHP Theme For College

educational php theme for college
Are you trying to reach out to college students? Then you should go for this educational PHP theme template. It has a formal yet appealing factor about it which makes it look all the more attractive. You can include three separate columns in the template- one for applications and admissions, one for planning a visit to the college and one about the various courses you offer.

Masterstudy – Education WordPress Theme

masterstudy education wordpress theme