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PHP Templates

PHP Templates are smart, efficient, light, free and are different from their contemporaries by being light and seamless. These are indeed free and include thousands of free plug-ins, scripts etc to extend the websites’ functionality. You can also get your free tutorials on PHP Templates and their set ups. The resulting websites can be for personal blogging websites or completely commercial ones because these PHP Templates have the strong base to support them all.... Read More

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9+ PHP Website Templates & Themes

PHP serves as an excellent open source scripting solution for building great websites. The simplicity of PHP syntax and the ease of working with PHP frameworks always lure developers to count on PHP for web development projects. With the increasing number of PHP Dynamic websites, there is an absolute necessity of admin panel PHP themes so that developers can build web pages with utmost comfort. So we have handpicked some of the best PHP website templates available in the market right now to be grabbed instantly.

21+ Animal & Pets PHP Themes & Templates

For creating website designs for zoo, veterinary clinics, pet sitters, etc. the Animal & Pets PHP Themes & Templates can be used to develop exclusive designs. In the business of dealing with pets, presence in the virtual world can help you grow the business and to do. You May also visit Animal & Pets Bootstrap Templates.

19+ Non Profit PHP Themes & Templates

To create a compassionate website for any NGO or charitable organisation, the Non Profit PHP Themes & Templates is a reliable name. They can be used for any non-profit organisation, donations, church or charity website and has some of the most advanced features. You May also See Charity PHP Themes

11+ Jewelry PHP Themes & Templates

To announce the online presence of your jewelry business PHP themes and templates are one of the best of options. With a lot of advanced features, these themes could be used for online jewel stores, jewelry websites, premium watch stores, diamond stores, and ethnic and art jewelry. You May also visit Jewelry Bootstrap Templates. These templates are equipped with responsive layout, custom widgets, advanced navigational keys for easy and fast browsing experience and are powered by Bootstrap framework. You May also visit Jewelry WordPress Templates.

18+ Law & Legal PHP Themes & Templates

The Law & Legal PHP Themes & Templates are in much use by the practicing lawyers, law firms who recruit them in companies, Public Lawyers and many more. These templates have a vast range of features that include Crossbrowser compatibility, MegaMenu, Tooltips, Tag cloud, Cloud Zoom, Google Maps, Sortable Gallery. The images and other content of the website are displayed in sliding menu. There are separate panels for separate issues, giving your website an organized view.