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23+ Admin Panel PHP Themes & Templates

It should have all the basic features which let you manage your site. The panel should come with a wide array of skins and colors to choose from. Based on what your needs are, you can choose from a few of the best responsive admin panel templates for yourself, as described in this article. Modern Free PHP Website Templates not only boast sparklingly special designs but also empower the users with the most feature-rich admin panels and dashboards. No wonder, PHP Nuke Templates are the preferred options for webmasters venturing into the domains of directory websites and web commerce. It is only because of the intuitive, powerful, and scalable performance of PHP backend templates with powerful backend and admin panel options that webmasters can implement sophisticated web projects. You can find templates for CSS, GitHub, Crud, Laravel, and much more.

Packed with unlimited features the civil Engineering Responsive Admin Panel Moto CMS 3 template is ideal for civil engineering companies and construction companies. Created using HTML5 and CSS3 making this dynamic admin panel template semantically accurate. You may also see admin panel themes & templates

With an ideal admin panel design suitable for wedding planners, event organizers, the Wedding Flowers OpenCart themes Admin Panel template is packed with features like Social Options, Product Quick View, and an easy commenting system.

Admin Panel HTML Cafe Bar Template – $21

admin panel html cafe bar template

The Admin Panel HTML Café Bar template is created ideally for the hotels, restaurants, chefs to showcase their culinary abilities. This free HTML admin panel template is mechanized using Bootstrap 3 for better functioning. You may also see directory & listing PHP themes & templates

For the music maniacs, music producers, and composers, this Recording studio Responsive Moto CMS 3 Admin Panel theme is ideal. The simple template has dynamic admin panel tools like plugins, layouts, and so on. You may also see hosting PHP themes & templates

Modern Real Estate Admin Panel PHP Template – $20

adminise admin panel template

Using Adminise you can choose the multi-level drop-down menu, interactive interface options, design your admin panel yourself and conveniently use options like font styles, manager, and other UI elements. You may also see responsive PHP themes & templates.

With features like Google Maps, Tag Clouds, Tooltips, and many more, this Brewery Joomla Admin Panel Template is ideal for the bars, lounge bars that exclusively sell beers. This admin panel in PHP also has several theme options. The Summer Camp Responsive Moto CMS 3 Admin Panel Template has cross-browser compatibility, an easy commenting system and can be personalized using Adobe Photoshop CS +. This cms admin panel PHP MySQL theme is best suited for camp and event managers. You may also see retail PHP themes & templates Design management is just a small part of admin panels, and you can work wonders with the styling of your posts, and the scheduling of content from here. With strong SEO features backed with extensive documentation, you can also be sure of empowered web administration.

Management of memberships on your website, allowing and disallowing of special privileges to members, and account management can also be most smartly handled using PHP admin panel templates. Among the useful additional features that admin panels bring to the table are buttons, tables, forms, charts, graphs, file management options, and image batch management – all these meant to make the routine website administration tasks as easy as possible. So, warm up to the most differentiated of admin panel templates from the world of PHP templates and catalyze your success strategy for greater results.

Awesome Web App PHP Admin Dashboard Template – $20

todo admin panel template

You can trust Todo admin panel templates to provide fully responsive sample templates and mobile widgets, web app layouts for your admin panel, and clean UI options increasing the ease of managing your panel. You may also see dynamic PHP themes & Templates.

Powerful Database Backend Admin User Interface – $13

Regular Admintasia users can customize their admin panel, get automatic updates for any changes and new posts and control the data entered by users simply by using a few added options

Suitable for the event managers, businessmen, the Clean and Complete Admin, CMS Skin template is enabled with Bootstrap form designs. This admin panel template free download has Custom Page templates, Dropdown cart, Favicon, etc.

Responsive Fresh and Complete CMS Skin Admin Template – $8

The Fresh and Complete CMS Skin Admin Template is best suited for statistical analysis, real estate owners, and shareholders. This admin panel PHP theme has an online chat facility, social options, Tag Cloud, and Tooltips.

What is PHP Admin?

PHP Admin is an admin panel that can be accessed from any standard web browser. It is a web interface through which you can control and manage your database as well as backend operations. The popular database MYSQL is directly controlled by PHP Admin, and one can designate a web admin to handle the database and execute SQL queries. You can also assign multiple users with different permission limits. It is very useful to import and export data and analyze them for the betterment of the website or individual web page. One can also manage the allocation and monitor the usage of resources to prevent any breakdown.

How to Create Admin Panel in PHP

Creating an admin panel in PHP is as easy as creating a website. You would require having pages like login page, browsing page where you can check all items in the backend, modification page, and analytics page. You can simply download the source code of such a ready-made template of the admin panel and upload them to the server. It is a part of Core PHP and therefore, it is best to download a ready-made template than create it from scratch by coding and designing the pages. The outline templates also have advanced pages and features that will add to the dynamic property of your admin panel.

CSS Bootstrap Admin Panel PHP Template – $12

bootstrap admin panel php template

The Bootstrap Admin PHP Template is appropriate for web designers, graphic designers, and blog workers. This admin panel PHP template is semantically accurate and prevents the site from overloading.

Smooth Admin Panel Crud Mysql Template – $13

The Smooth Admin Panel Template is best suitable for web developers and web designers. With great admin panel design, this template is built with HTML5 website templates and CSS3 which maximizes the loading time of a website.

The Clean and Simple Visual Sample Dashboard Template is ideal for web designers, stakeholders, and real estate owners. With a dynamic admin panel, this template has Calendar, Tabs, Google Map, etc.

5 Color Schemes Laravel Admin Panel Template – $21

color schemes admin panel template

Admin Panel Bootstrap PHP Theme – $14

admin panel bootstrap php theme

The Admin Panel Bootstrap PHP theme Html Templates is suitable for weather forecasting websites. This PHP dashboard template has cross-browser compatibility, an easy drop-down menu, a Back to Top button, and many more.

eCommerce Admin Panel PHP Joomla Template – $50

ecommerce admin panel php joomla template

This type of template is tailor-made for designing and developing shopping carts and web applications where the monetary transaction is a big part. All the necessary modular designs and powerful user-friendly features are included.

Free HTML5 Website Admin Template Download

free html5 admin template download

The Free HTML5 Company Admin Template Download is created ideally for the share market holders, businessmen, and marketing organizers. This admin panel PHP template is packed with features like an easy drop-down menu, commenting system, and so on.

Free Admin Skin Available for Download

free admin skin

The default skin for the admin panel is not that cool, and hence, people opt to change the skin and download some awesome free admin skin to make the admin panel visually appealing and more efficient in working. There are various types of skins available like job portal, professional, neon, urban, pleasure, angular, and likewise.

Free Admin Panel Template HTML Version

free admin panel template html version

Github Admin Panel Theme Template

github admin panel theme templateDownload Now

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages among web developers. So many popular frameworks like WordPress Theme, Joomla, Halaman, and Drupal are written with PHP. Getting a website is very easy on PHP whether it is an e-commerce, personal, or business website. All one needs to do is to download relevant, attractive outlook templates and edit them to get the desired design and functionalities.

All the ready-made templates are available for different categories of websites with all the necessary pages and sample texts. If you use frameworks like WordPress Templates and Joomla, you can edit the website yourself without any technical knowledge and design your website the way you dream about. You may also see the best PHP template engines to design your PHP.

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