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14+ Dynamic PHP Website Themes & Templates

A usual choice for website designers is PHP website templates or HTML. Our dynamic PHP website themes and templates create a responsive admin panel for gaming, car, or other websites if you prefer the latter. You can expand your design portfolio quickly when you easily generate an eCommerce database or source code for various IT software websites. Our templates are also customizable through PHP MySQL, CSS, and bootstrap. Discover the themes and designs to use as a guide below.

What are the Top PHP Websites?

While it is impossible to give the exact number of websites that use PHP, chances that more than 60% of sites online run use Hypertext Process is an absolute. PHP is a popular scripting language; it has been so for decades. Examples of sites built with PHP include WordPress themes for the best content management system (CMS) website layout, Facebook, PHP My Admin, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, Upwork, iWriter, London Brokers, and Text Brokers. You may also see construction website templates.

Built for people who want to start small websites, this theme is perfect for first-time proposals of web design. It’s based on builder software standards of WordPress, which means it is compatible with the current version of new WordPress installations. You may also see sample PHP HTML5 website templates.

This responsive PHP website template for steelworks showcases shortcuts to performance, technologies, innovations, and research, about us, services, blogs, and contacts with a black and white theme and three slides on the main page. You may also see website construction templates.

Your website needs to be both attractive and informative. Unlike other websites, dynamic legal website templates like this one, do not focus on just the images. You have sample space to include all relevant content based on the website.

Smart and Powerful WordPress PHP Website Theme $60

smart and powerful wordpress php website theme

Looking for dynamic website examples? Then you need not look any further. This WordPress website template looks really attractive and well designed. The design has been kept minimalistic to give it a professional feel. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Minimal Portfolio & Business Website Template – $22

minimal portfolio business website template

This minimal portfolio and small business website template very precisely set a section for about us, why choose us, and all other contact details on the website with a choice for the dark and light color background.

Dynamic Prestige Real Estate PHP HTML Theme $17

dynamic prestige realestate php html theme

A professional website needs to look professional and formal. That is what you get with this database web development template. It is attractive, and yet maintains an official tone. So what are you waiting for? Hit the download button now!

A travel website, containing information about various places and tourist spots, is a great way to attract more visitors. Use a PHP website template free download with database IT software for that. You can include individual articles about each place you visit, and add photos that you took as well.

Responsive Clean My Portfolio One Page Theme – $13

clean my portfolio one page theme

All websites have a portfolio page, containing information about the author or the owner of the website. For that, you can take the help of this portfolio template. It contains the photo of the website owner, along with a small description of him.

Dynamic Business & Portfolio PHP Website Template $15

dynamic business portfolio php website template

A corporate design website needs to be attractive yet professional in tone. For that, you cannot afford to miss out on this website template. It allows you to balance images and text, which makes it look well designed and organized.

eCommerce PHP Boostrap Mysql Website Template

ecommerce php html website template

Set up your online shop in minutes using this responsive website policy template. With a layout already bootstrapped for you, this MySQL-based template is exactly what you need to take off with an online shop.

Video News Website PHP WordPress Theme $59

video news website php wordpress theme

Premium Dynamic Portfolio Website PHP Template $16

premium dynamic portfolio website php template

Looking for free dynamic PHP templates? Then rest assured, you have found the one. This spectacular template would look great for any kind of website document. All you have to do is download the template. Then you’re free to experiment with it as you please! You may also see website header templates.

Stylish PHP Photography Website Template

stylish php photography website template

There are few things as attractive as a photography website. For such a website, you will be needing a database site template, which can help you store all your images. You can organize all your photos in any way you want, your visitors are sure to love this new look. You may also see simple website templates in google docs.

Great Rent a Car Website Template with Admin Panel

great rent a car website template

This template for agreement car rental or renting a car has space for about us, contacts, locations, special offers, cars, with a drop-down for the input of pickup and return date and time along with the location. You may also see creative Car Rental Facebook Post Templates.

Portfoilio PHP Mobile Website Template

portfoilio php mobile website template

This portfolio template PSD for websites optimized for mobile are PHP based for flexibility and several languages to view the site in and home, about us, services, and contacts section.

Professional Photographer Website Template

professional photographer website template

Gaming Zone PHP Website Theme Template

gaming zone php website template

PHP Database Website Child Theme Template

php database website child theme
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PHP CSS Source Code Theme Template

php css source code theme
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This website template for professional photographers based on PHP Bootstrap exhibits pictures along with the name of the photographer and Personal contacts on top with a brief description of the job and experience.

It is an open-source tool that helps you get rid of the monotony of your website content. With Top Free PHP website templates, you can shuffle the website content, abominate the boredom and give your users fresh content each time they visit you. PHP is an interactive plan program that is often used in combination with databases.

One of the best things about PHP website templates is that they can be linked to databases and each time a user accesses the website with PHP coding the website contents are accessed without the worries of overloading. Additionally, Premium Dynamic PHP Website templates are programmable and work as per the user’s inputs.

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