Inviting A Candidate For An Interview

So you’re advertising a new job opening in your place of work. And since your job description is HR, part of your role is to get a qualified person to take it. If you find the right applicant and need some tips for hiring, here are some ways you can invite that candidate for an interview.


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Inviting A Candidate For An Interview

How Do I Invite An Applicant By Phone?

how do i invite an applicant by phone

Be Flexible with Time

Instead of deciding when the candidate should come for an interview, it will be a lot better if they get to decide when to go on their own time. Being flexible with time allows the applicant to pick a time where they can be free from other plans and prepare for the interview. With that in mind, you can tell them the working hours of recruitment so that they will know when to go. Keep in mind however to give them a deadline. Being flexible with time doesn’t mean waiting for their attendance for days unless they have a valid reason for it.

Be Specific About the Details

When you are calling a candidate, you have to make sure they come to the right place and the right time. Give them specific instructions when you invite them, so tell them the exact time they need to be in the office for their interview and on what day it is going to be. You may also remind them to bring a pen, an ID, and any other relevant documents as well. You may keep a checklist of details you need to mention while inviting the candidate through the phone so that you won’t miss out on anything important that they would need to know.

Be Friendly and Professional

Talking to a candidate in a friendly and professional manner is one of the many policies in conducting job interviews and group interviews. Doing so makes the applicant feel comfortable and encourages them to go for the interview. Take note, however, when speaking in a friendly manner speak in a familiar tone with the candidate as it could make them uncomfortable. And don’t speak in a transactional tone either; it would come off as robotic. Just find the right balance of friendliness and professionalism when you’re speaking to them on the phone.

How Do I Invite An Applicant By Email?

how do i invite an applicant by email

Establish the Right Voice in the Email

You can establish the right voice through email by the usage of appropriate tone and the wording when it comes to written messages. When inviting a candidate through email, maintain a light and complimentary tone in order to make your invitation a lot less intimidating. Establishing the right voice can also set up what the applicant can expect from the interview. This is why you should take some time to think it through when you are writing your email so that you come off as warm and welcoming through your invite.

Provide Details of the Position Being Interviewed For

The advantage of inviting candidates through email is that you don’t have to repeat the information you need to give as much as you would do in a phone-invite. Be transparent, tell them the schedule of the job, the day-to-day responsibilities, the qualifications, and the pay grade of the job. You can also mention any relevant documents they need to bring along with them for the interview as a reminder. Adding these details is vital as it allows the applicant to better prepare for their interview.

Include The Date, Time, and Location

When you write your invite, make sure to include the date, time, and location of the interview so that the candidate will know when to show up. When it comes to location, you may add in a few details such as which floor or room the interview will take place so that the applicant doesn’t end up wandering around the office. And before you send the email, always proofread it to make sure the details you wrote were accurate and absent of typos.

Details About The Stages Of The Interview

Depending on the hiring cost of the job position, an interview process greatly varies from one candidate to the other. When writing down your email invite, make sure to include the stages of the interview and their length of time. This is in order to set up the applicant’s expectations and to schedule whatever they are planning to do in the day accordingly.

Details About What a Candidate Should Bring

When inviting a candidate through an email, take the opportunity to give specific instructions about the interview. Provide details on what they should bring with them and make sure they are as clear as possible. Common things a candidate should bring would be a copy of their resume, their cover letter, government-issued IDs, and a pen. Depending on the job they may have to bring a portfolio, a license, and educational documents. These will be able to prove the validity of the candidate’s identity upon a background check, as well as the qualifications they have for the job.

Place Contact Information And Additional Details

Whether you are posting job opening internally or getting fresh faces outside the company, it is important to give contact details in your invite. In case the candidate has some further questions that are not covered in the general format of your email, you should also add your professional contact information that way they will be able to reach out to you. If the job has specific details that an applicant needs to know, then add them in as well so they can prepare themselves accordingly.