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how to conduct an effective exit interview

How to Conduct an Effective Exit Interview

In business, we cannot attest to how long an employee will serve. There is always uncertainty. Every time an employee bid adieu, the HR role becomes uneasy. Thus, new HR planning should start. Choosing a new team member means opening a new position, job postings, and interviews. But all too often it sounds unusual, the person packing to be out of the organization needs more attention than you know.

What is Human Resource Development – Definition & Benefits

Individuals who are playing an HR role in an organization do the best that they can for training and development purposes. They do that for the betterment and improvement of their company’s workforce. With an improved and much more capable workforce, their company’s production rate will increase, which could lead to an increase of clientele and a dense influx of revenue and profit. If you want to learn about human resource (HR) development and its benefits to an organization, we proudly invite you to read further below.

How to Manage Remote Employees

The human resource (HR) department of every organization keeps the workforce stable to keep pace with the industry. HR departments do that through employee recruitment and employee management. The set of responsibilities of an HR role is changing as the landscape of various industries change. One of those major changes is employees who are now doing their work remotely. If your company has remote employees, you should manage them well as an HR manager. Remote employees are different and quite more challenging to manage than regular employees. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable and achievable. Let us help you by discussing with you about remote employees and the 12 tips to manage them.

How to Deal with an Employee with a Negative Attitude

While it is unfortunate, there will always be that one employee in the office who has such a negative attitude. These people tend to affect the workplace if left unchecked. Also, pessimism can cause challenges in the office ranging from performance management issues to simply putting others in a bad mood. Dealing with these kinds of employees is a crucial HR role as it will help maintain a pleasant working environment for all the other employees. These people tend to complain a lot about the work, and it is up to you to turn those complaints into a constructive one. That way, this employee is less negative and more productive in their attitude.Use your HR skills to turn those frowns upside down. If you are having a challenge on how to deal with those negative-minded employees, then here are nine ways to get started.

Top 11 HR Challenges

The human resource (HR) department of every company has an impact on almost every aspect of the business, most specifically on its workforce. A significant function of the HR personnel is managing and reinforcing the workforce of the company through recruitment and establishing employee relations. Aside from that, there are other challenges that every HR team encounters in their work. Each of them can cause a chain reaction throughout the company. Here are 11 of the top challenges of a company’s HR personnel.