Top 10 Recruiting Assessment Tools

An industry that doesn’t rely on technology is a rare sight nowadays. Almost every business has at least a decent set of IT assets in their offices. Although typewriters haven’t died out yet, you’re least likely to see them in workplaces since computers can do what they do (and more) at a much faster pace. Recruitment is an HR role that needs some technological assistance. HR planning/workforce planning uses a few digital tools to get the job done as well. Speaking of digital tools, you may want to check out these 10 recruiting assessment tools for your hiring needs. recruiting-assessment-tools

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Top 10 Recruiting Assessment Tools

Finding good talent in a short amount of time is easier said than done. Recruiters can’t just pick random people to hire and expect them to perform well right off the bat. And with technology’s continuous innovation, traditional recruitment methods alone aren’t enough to help your search for great candidates. Save time and money by adding recruiting assessment tools into the mix. A good number of companies have a lot of them at their disposal, so you may want to add them to your arsenal.

HR Avatar

Did you know that pre-hire assessment tools help reduce time to hire up to 50%? HR Avatar is the tool you’re looking for if you want to cut down the time you normally spend on tedious tasks. The tests offered in this tool aren’t just your typical, textual multiple choice exams. HR Avatar stands out from the rest of the pack by offering animated simulation-based tests. These test multiple factors (job knowledge and cognitive ability, to name a few) to see if an applicant is the person they’re looking for. The animated simulations HR Avatar provides are based on real job situations, which can give applicants an idea of what their desired job entails. Pretty unique, right?

Monster Talent Management

Sometimes, you’re forced to access recruiting assessment tools on mobile due to time constraints. Unfortunately, not every tool is mobile-friendly as you’d like them to be. However, there are some platforms you can access from your phone with little to no troubles. Monster Talent Management is one of them. Monster Talent Management’s features grants you access to pre- and post-hiring tools that can help your training and onboarding processes become more efficient than usual. It also gives you real-time updates―perfect for recruiters who are on the go. The tool is customizable as well, so you can freely tinker around with it until you get the settings that suit you.


Although holaSpirit is best suited for self-managed organizations, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage. The tool has a user friendly interface, which is perfect for modern recruiters. Its extensive search panel allows users to keep track of any update, checklist, project, and other important items from any spot within the tool. This feature also permits users to stay in one tab, as opposed to the constant switching you have to do when using browsers. Many organizations use third-party SaaS services for communication, project management, and collaboration purposes. Luckily for them, holaSpirit allows tools such as Trello and Slack to be seamlessly integrated into its system.

Interview Mocha

You can’t go wrong with a tool that has more than 1000 skill tests for various fields. Interview Mocha brings nothing but convenience for employers/HR teams who don’t have the time to draft exams for applicants. Aside from the pre-made tests, they can explore the skills test library and make their own tests. They also have the option to ask the tool to create the tests for them if they’re too preoccupied. Candidates don’t have to worry about going to unfamiliar locations and following different time zones here. Since Interview Mocha’s resources are accessible online, they can take the tests whenever and wherever they want.


Since its inception in 2009, HackerRank has become a reliable tool for tech businesses. Today, over 1,000 companies rely on its trusty services. HackerRank was founded by Vivek Ravisankar and Hari Karunanidhi as a result of their frustration towards the time they’ve spent on engineering interviews. As a remedy for their problem, the two software engineers decided to build a tool to make hiring easier on their end. HackerRank allows users to take advantage of its coding assessments, which come in 35 programming languages. So if you’re looking for great software engineers and developers to join your teams, this tool may solve your recruiting woes.

Predictive Index

If 8,000 companies trust a particular tool, you know that you’re onto something good. Predictive Index has over 60 years of science to show for its success. Predictive Index has features that help companies craft ideal candidate profiles to build strong talent pipelines. The tool can gather vital information from hiring managers, recruiters, and other stakeholders. After gathering the necessary details, users can proceed to screening candidates against their created profiles through specialized behavior and cognitive assessments. When all the assessments are done, you should be able to find the candidates who fit your organization.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more utilized across various industries by the day. Pymetrics combines this and neuroscience games to stand out from other recruiting tools. Pymetrics’s games are played to gauge one’s soft skills and can measure 90 cognitive and emotional traits. The games run for around 20 minutes and can provide a great candidate experience. Who says recruitment tactics can’t be fun, right? Aside from giving a pleasant experience, Pymetrics is a tool you may want to use if you’re looking for something that gives you an edge. It takes a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and benchmarks them against an organization’s high performing members through the use of algorithms. Through this advantage, employers can determine which people are the right fit for certain positions.


If you’re a technical recruiter, this tool may be more up your alley. Codility has earned the trust of over 1,000 companies in 62 countries since its establishment in 2009. What makes Codility great is its automation of the sourcing stage, screening process, and interviewing phase. This allows recruiters to save time, erase unconscious biases, and improve their total recruitment process.


An app that boosts your recruitment efforts is always nice, but a tool that does that and improves employee management is even better. Organizations can look to HireSelect to manage their most important tangible asset—their people. HireSelect contains the basic must-haves for pre-employment testing: aptitude assessments, basic skills tests, and personality exams. All these are reviewed and modified by its parent company Criteria Corp’s scientific advisory board, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the tests are the real deal.


The last tool on this list is another AI-powered platform that encourages logical decision making. Vervoe’s technology can help you find great talent quickly by using its automated interview features. Its “Talent Trials” are designed by industry experts, which means it’s legit. You don’t have to stress out too much on finding suitable candidates because it grades customized tests automatically. Vervoe allows recruiters to focus on their interview performances instead of picking specific people to interview, which gives every candidate a fair shot at getting hired.

While there are other good ones that aren’t listed here, these 10 tools should get you started on the right foot. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one tool. Feel free to choose two or more out of the 10 listed here, as long as they fit your needs.