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10 Social Media Strategies for Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment and hiring aren’t easy for those in HR roles. Because of the rising economy that is bringing tons of employment options, workers drop their job posts like hot potatoes. Since these instances are constantly happening, HR leaders should think of better strategies for the continuous team and company productivity. And what’s better than using social media? According to Statista, almost 80 percent of the United States population had a social networking profile in 2019. This only meant that social media by then was the most used online platform. With bandwagon in society, social media usage will increase in the present year and future years to come. This is an advantage for HR professionals because you can take your recruitment and hire to a whole new level! In this article, I will introduce to you 10 social media strategies that you can use in finding excellent talents!

10 Social Media Strategies for Recruitment and Hiring

Social Media Recruiting and Hiring Strategies

From establishing your company brand on social media down to finding the right places on the internet, here is a checklist for effective HR planning on recruitment and hiring.

Establish Your Company Brand

Branding means making a name for yourself in the industry. Your brand will give an impression to professionals—and it must be a good one. In your social media page, include your sophisticated logo, the company’s motto, basic information about your enterprise’s industry, and a catchy phrase on why professionals should join you. Words aren’t enough, of course. You should also include photos of your company events and fun activities with your employees. Awards should also be visible on your page. The more worldly your social media page is, the more you get refined and experienced candidates.

Get Help From Your Employees

Your employees are professionals who also have created their own proficient network in social media. Encourage your workers to tap their connections for your recruitment. During meetings, highlight the advantages of growing your people with the right skills in the company. Offer enticing incentives per successful referrals. Additionally, explain to them the whole referral process. Inform them of your page. Create a recruitment skills gap analysis and teach them hiring tips for successful referrals through social media. Discuss with them the best time for job postings, as well as how successful content should be.

Connections With Right People

Tap your personal and professional connections. Elaborate your web in the right places. Your alma mater, previous workplaces, or friends of family and friends can generate leads that will satisfy your employee-hunting appetite.

Keeping Potential Candidates Engaged

So now that you already have prospects, how do you keep them engaged without seeming creepy? Introduce yourself professionally as if you are proposing a business. Send them formal emails occasionally and greet them on holidays. Congratulate them on their achievements. And when you run out of reasons to message them directly, engage with their social media posts by simply liking them—or commenting when necessary. By doing so, you make your branding page familiar to them.

Find Candidates on Social Media

Social media platforms have features where people can post about their job experiences and educational attainment. Some even post their activities in public. Especially on LinkedIn, connect with professionals or individuals that are good prospects or those who can generate good leads to you. Meticulously observe their profiles. You will easily determine the right people by looking at their skills, industry background, and connections.

Promote Job Opening on Social Media Networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

When you have your prospects and leads under your radar, it will be easier for your job postings to get noticed. Post job openings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Instagram. Be sure to post inviting and exciting job descriptions, as well as unique perks and benefits. It also offers rewards to stimulate the people to refer you to outstanding talents.

Grow Your Social Media Presence

To grow your social media presence, identify your goals before posting anything. Show the people your softer side by sharing inspirational content. Post relatable topics as well that will generate a number of shares. These post shares will lead to more connections. On your company website, feature your social media accounts as well. This will inform your customers and business associates of your social media presence.

Use Video Content

More than 200 million people watch videos online, according to Statista. This means that people just love visual content! Do the same for your recruitment. Videos are time-saving and easier to comprehend. Include in the content a glimpse of your training and development activities and your working environment in the company. Also, highlight your organization’s exceptional purpose that makes it stand out from the rest.

Join in Right Conversations

Depending on the expertise you’re looking for, join in specific social media communities where professionals and experts are at. There are separate pages for medical, engineering, hospitality, manufacturing fields and more. Look at the updated posts of these pages and observe the comments. Engage with your prospects in the comments section and impress them with your professionalism and interests. Another way is through joining group chat rooms. Look for pages or groups where people post job vacancies and where the unemployed look for jobs. Initiate making a group conversation with them where you can express your intentions.

Don’t Overlook the Niche Networks

Aside from the most used social media platforms, the unfamiliar ones should also be on your target list. Some people prefer a simpler approach in their online life, thus using the uncrowded networks instead of the overrated ones. The same goes for tapping connections. Don’t take small institutions for granted because not every gifted person can afford good universities. When you overlook these unfamiliar sites, you might miss some of the top talents there are.

The rise of the internet gives both challenges and opportunities to employers. The challenge is that your employees can easily leave you because of the convenient networking. But on a lighter note, you can take advantage of this if you know how to properly do so. Instead of paying agencies, you can make it independently and save hiring costs! Catch the attention of a larger audience through social media. And, successfully prey on outstanding talents by following the tips above. Because as the recruitment and hiring process evolves, your strategies should too!

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