10 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

There are employees out there who go above and beyond their scope of responsibilities and that would often yield great productivity, quality output, and bring the company higher. And these employees deserve to be recognized for their excellent work. Suppose your job is an HR Role, it is your responsibility to come up with great employee engagement activities that will make them feel appreciated. clever-ways-to-show-employee-appreciation

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10 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

10 Clever Ways To Show Employee Appreciation


Acknowledge the Employee for a Job Well Done

When your employee does a good job, acknowledging their performance will go a long way for you. Studies have shown that people perform better once they are given positive affirmations. You may set up a one-on-one meeting with your employees and commend them in the job they do. Creating an environment where good work is appreciated and will also motivate the whole workplace to do better and lead to a production company.

Provide Career Growth Opportunities

If an employee is doing well in their job right now, then they can be even better given the right opportunity. You can meet with your employees and discuss their options in the next step of their career. It is a great way to reward an employee who values their skills and work to better themselves in their job. It’s certainly a bonus for them when career growth opportunities often mean a rise in their salary. This will serve as an incentive to stay within the company a lot longer, improve themselves, and in turn make your company efficient than ever.

Celebrate Your Employee Work Anniversaries

Employees come and go, so it is important to show appreciation to the ones who’ve stuck around for a year since their recruitment. When a newbie reaches their first anniversary, give them a token of appreciation and celebrate them for the work they did for a year and hope that they will continue to stay for a long time. As for the tenured ones, you can show your thanks for the employee commitment they display by giving them an award or a benefit.

Involve the Employee in Making Decisions

Getting an employee involved in making decisions when it comes to working productivity and other kinds of discussions give them a sense of inclusion. It shows that you value their opinion and reinforces the idea that they are a part of a team. You should especially consider this when it comes to involving employees who have a consistent and excellent performance in their job as their input could improve on how things go around the workplace.

Offer a Flexible Work Schedule

Granting a good employee a flexible schedule is a great method of employee management. It is a fact that many people can work efficiently at different times of the day. Some work great in the morning, while others prefer to burn the midnight oil. If your employee has been performing well, you may opt to offer them a flexible work schedule, who knows you might be allowing them to work to their fullest potential and give an even greater boost in workplace productivity.

Organize Company Events

While it is a part of employee relations, taking time to organize company events allow employees to take time off their work and relax. Plan out these events to be specifically enjoyable to make those hard-working employees feel rewarded and appreciated. Such events you can organize include getaways, parties, or even a small gathering. This will also create a sense of camaraderie between you and them, and even promote employee retention.

Encourage Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is often implemented when there is a need for improvement. It feels great to be commended for a good job and you can use employee feedback as a way to praise and encourage them to keep it up. Create an environment where openness and communication are encouraged by implementing survey and evaluation checklists from time to time so that employees can keep track of their performance as well.

Say Thank You

While you can certainly walk up to your employee say the words and give them a proverbial pat on the back, you could also take the extra mile and give them something more tangible; like a certificate or an award, especially if what they did had a positive impact in the company. Other ways you can show your thanks to your employees can be through giving sweets or small trinkets. No matter how small the gesture your employees will certainly appreciate it and might even be motivated to continue doing their best.

Offer Rewards and Benefits

If an employee is reported to be doing a great job in the company, you need to entice them to continue doing that. One way to do it is through the giving of other kinds of rewards and benefits. these could include Tickets to a Movie, a spa appointment, an extra vacation leave, or even a gadget. People generally enjoy receiving things that they don’t have to spend, so this is a great way to show employees your appreciation for a job well done.

Give Financial and Other Incentives

Whether it is a newbie with a great work ethic or an HR officer with great HR manager skills, a good employee should be rewarded with the extra output they give during working hours. To keep it going, you’ll need to give them an incentive so they won’t have a reason to stop going the extra mile every day. One way to do it is through financial incentives. Depending on the work output of the employee they may receive extra compensation for their hard work. This way, employees might even strive to do better in their jobs for extra cash.

There are a lot of simple ways you can do to show your employees that they did a good job. One way to do it is by giving them a shout out during work, giving them non-cash rewards, have a small party or even gift them a reward like a coupon.

There is a wide range of gifts you can reward your employees when they do a great job. Some common forms of rewards are temporary such as movie tickets, food items, and even groceries. A more permanent type of gift includes practical items like stationaries, personalized gifts, and even bags.

Show Appreciation to Your Team in Various  Ways

If more than one employee has done a great job in the workplace, you can opt to reward them one by one, or you can combine it to make it more convenient or fun. Throw a team outing or party so that everyone can relax and celebrate on a job well done.  You can do it on Appreciation Day for employees. It is an unofficial event that takes place during the first Friday of March every year. Employee Appreciation Day was made to celebrate and strengthen the bond between the company and its employers.

It is normally observed by gifting employees with non-cash gifts and sometimes with a party. When writing a letter to your employee to commend them for doing a great job, make sure it is specifically meant by them by writing down their name. Mention how much you appreciate them and for their performance at work. Write about how you wish that they will keep up the good work and finally end it with you wishing them a good day.

A happy employee ensures a happy company. Rather than overwork your employees to make it more efficient, oftentimes it is through nurture and employee recognition that inspires them to put out their best. This will, in turn, raise employee productivity and bring a positive outcome for both themselves and the company. So when an employee is doing a great job, tell them, as it could go a long way for everybody at the end of the day.