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8 Ways to Find a Real Estate Business Partner

Finding a business partner in a real estate venture needs a solid strategy plan. Note that you need someone who is not only knowledgeable in the ways and means on how to sell and close the best property deals. It is also important that your business partner is someone you trust and rely on.

8 Ways to Find a Real Estate Business Partner

Why You Need a Partner

Partners, whether in a personal or business context, bring advantages. So, why do you need one?

With a partner, the business transactions will be twice as efficient and manageable. If your business partner is a friend of yours, then getting them to join you is easy. If you’re seeking to make a partnership with somebody new or is an acquaintance, you will need to approach them professionally. Meet with them and create a proposal detailing why it is a good idea to partner up with you. Once you have convinced that person to be your business partner, have them sign a contract to make it official.

Finding a business partner can be an intimidating endeavor, but it is just like making a new friend when you think about it. To get started, here are eight ways to find a partner for your real estate business.

Social Media

Nowadays, it is not a far stretch to find a business partner through social media. A lot of modern investors, even in real estate, utilize this platform to draw in clients and partners. You can use your social media as a way of introducing yourself and your business as well, serving as some kind of online portfolio. Another benefit of finding a partner through social media is that with your shared knowledge, you can use it for great marketing ideas for your real estate business.

By Real Estate Agents

When looking for a business partner, it is best to gather information from real estate agents and know their opinions. These people tend to know other investors and people in the real estate business due to the nature of their job. If you want to establish connections and meet with potential business partners, it doesn’t hurt to ask a real estate agent if they know anyone who’s interested. Having a mutual connection through an estate agent can also help ease any reservations your potential partner could have.

Family and Friends

Sometimes you could find a partner to run your real estate business from the ones who are closest to you. In your family or friends, some of them could also be a savvy business person or a budding investor. There is no harm to approach them and see if they want to partner up. Considering that your potential business partner is already a family member or a friend, it may not be so hard to convince them to join you. However, there is a chance that they might not want to mix their business and personal relationships. If that is the case, then you have to understand. But if they agree, then you have the advantage of getting a business partner way quicker than partnering up with someone you don’t know well.

Advertise for Partners

Sometimes, the best way to find a partner for your real estate business is to directly ask for one. You can opt to announce that you are looking for someone you can partner up for your business through advertisements. There are various ways to draw in potential investors and partners through online ads, print ads, email ads, and others.

Do Networking

Networking is when you meet various people, exchange business information, and create professional connections. This is the business equivalent of making friends. The advantage of networking is that these contacts can also help promote your name and your business, sparing you the need to advertise your business a lot. Through them, you can also meet the right people who can be a big help for your business in real estate, like people from accounting to business owners. Considering that the real estate business thrives on getting people to purchase property, whoever you will meet may need it. Therefore, networking is a great way to also create a pool of potential customers.

Investing Websites

Having a website for your business in real estate can also be a great way to draw a potential partner. A lot of businesses set up a website to easily communicate with clients and investors. Moreover, it is also a great help in branding. You can use your website to present your business formally. Websites are also a great way to clear any reservations that potential investors and business partners have over the legitimacy of your business. So, it is definitely worth it to budget for a real estate website.

Real Estate Investment Groups

This refers to a group or organization that focuses on acquiring real estate property by investing in them. Getting the attention of a real estate investment group is another option in finding a business partner. If the group is well established, then that means they know a lot of people who you can connect with to find a suitable partner for your own business.


People who already own properties are also a great candidate to start a real estate business partnership. If you have property as well, then you can combine your assets to have more ways of gaining income when you do business. If you are meeting with a landowner and you don’t know them well yet, professionally approach them by analyzing the pros and cons of partnering up to convince them.

What to Look for in a Partner

Before you go looking for someone to be your business partner, here are five things to consider beforehand.

Strong Cash Position

When looking for a business partner in real estate, it is important to assess the financial capability and stability of a person. A person who has a low income might not be a suitable partner as simple needs would often get in the way of budgeting.

Choose Your Partners Wisely

When looking for one, try to do a background check on them before you approach them. You may look them up in their social media accounts or get to know them before proposing a partnership in business. It is vital that your partner is somebody that you can genuinely get along with.

Local Market Knowledge

A business partner who is knowledgeable in your area of interest is good to have. Local market knowledge, in this case, refers to the efficiency in finding the correct paper trail in the local offices, as well as knowledge in the geography, history, and recent developments within your target town or city. If your partner has this, they have a general idea of where to get leads for your business.

A Sound Reputation

The best kinds of business partners are the ones who have a very good reputation. If yours has a sound reputation within the real estate industry, then that could be great for the public image and appeal for your own business.


The most important trait every business partner should have. When you know you can trust them on confidential matters in your work, then you know you got the right business partner.

Looking for somebody to help you in your business in real estate can be a challenge. But always remember that as long as they are knowledgeable, resourceful, and honest, then you have found a prospective business partner.

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