Top 10 Real Estate Magazines

Before starting a real estate company of your own, you have to study and learn about the real estate industry. In doing so, you can formulate the best possible business plan to make your company successful. You can start your research about the industry by reading real estate magazines. Real estate magazines contain trends and useful topics regarding the industry that can provide you ideas on how to do business. top-10-real-estate-magazine

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Top 10 Real Estate Magazines

Other than that, you’ll get to know your possible competition once you launch your real estate company. Some people think that print magazines are becoming obsolete, which is entirely false. According to, 95% of individuals aged 25 and below are avid magazine readers, which is evidence that print media is still relevant. Despite that, magazine websites are continuously booming. So to start with, we recommend you these real estate magazines that we consider as the best.


Realtor is an official magazine of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). NAR was founded a century ago, May 13 of 1908. Their magazine offers the hottest topics in the real estate industry and other factors that influence trends. Factors such as the economy, stock exchanges, politics, law, and also disasters. Their official magazine website, Magazine. Realtor covers the freshest report of anything real estate-related. Their magazine also contains articles and blogs about networking, business tips, and ‘How To’s’ in managing a real estate business.

Realty Times

Established in 1995, Realty Times is one of the magazine websites intended for everyone involved in various sorts of real estate activities. People such as real estate investors, buyers, consumers, sellers, agents, company owners, and construction engineers will find a topic that they can relate to, including aspiring real estate businessmen. That said, you should consider checking Realty Times daily and do your marketing analysis.

Real Estate Investor Magazine

Real Estate Investor Magazine is an official magazine publishing company with experienced real estate investors as its publishers. The publishing company is under Realty 411, founded in 2007. Their magazines’ articles primarily focus on real estate investments and proper methods in investing for properties. Each of their articles is written by veteran landlords, tenured real estate investors, and professional journalists. The price of their print magazine issues is $7.99. And the price of their one-year subscription plan, which consists of six print issues in total, is $45.00. They receive subscription applications via their official website.

Real Estate Magazine

RISMedia is the publishing company responsible for Real Estate Magazine issues since 1980. Their magazines every aspect of the real estate industry, such as innovations, developments, technology, current trends, and many more with none left uncovered. The intended audience of Real Estate Magazines is none other than real estate decision-makers such as yourself. A good number of their articles include testimonials by various people in different sections of the real estate industry. For sure, you’ll learn many things reading RIS Media’s Real Estate Magazine. You can subscribe to them via their official subscription application web page.

Urban Land Institute

Urban Land Institute (ULI) is a non-profit organization that conducts research and educates about proper land property management. One of their goals is to lead “the future of global urban development.” So by reading their publications on their official website,, you’ll surely learn many things about the standard of developing real estate properties and infrastructures. ULI’s CEO is none other than Alexander Otto.

Property Week

Property Week is a UK-based magazine under the Metropolis Business Publishing company. The focus of their magazine issues is recent events about the global market of the residential and commercial property industry. That being said, reading their magazines will be significant for you, if you ever have plans to globalize your own real estate company in the long run. They have two subscription plans, both of which are good for a year: Print & Digital (£349) and Digital Only (£249).

Builder and Developer Magazine

Builder and Developer Magazine is facilitated by a US-based publishing firm called Peninsula Publishing. If you want to learn in-depth aspects of home and residential property development, you should definitely read Builder and Developer Magazine issues. Luckily, both of their Print and Digital subscriptions are offered for free. They even provide “complimentary subscriptions” for qualified real estate professionals.

Realty Fact

Realty Fact is among the leading sources of the latest real estate news in India. Although Realty Fact primarily focuses on India, they also publish real estate topics from all around the world. According to, the real estate sector of India is growing recently. Investments in their real estate sector’s Venture Capital and Private Equity ballooned to $1.47 billion from January to March of 2019. That said, you might learn many things about real estate investments by reading Realty Fact magazines. You can visit their site at

Realty Quarter

Realty Quarter is another magazine website based in India. Every event and situation that affects India’s real estate industry is covered by Realty Quarter. However, just like Realty Fact, Realty Quarter also publishes fresh news concerning the global real estate industry. So, you should also consider Realty Quarter magazines in your to-read list.

Inman News

Inman News, as its name suggests, is more of a news website rather than a magazine website. Nevertheless, Inman News also provides the latest about the real estate industry just like other real estate magazine publications. Inman News covers news about technological developments, breakthroughs, and events in the real estate industry worldwide. Subscribing to Inman News can cost a cheap price of only $4 weekly. In addition, Inman News was founded by Bradley Inman in 1983.

Reading gives us the power of knowledge. The power of knowledge gives us an edge in every endeavor we tread into. Aside from books, magazines will give us that knowledge. With that in mind, equip yourself with adequate real estate knowledge by reading real estate magazines. The magazines we’ve mentioned in this blog are readily available and accessible for you. And, keep in mind that the real estate industry is a constantly changing landscape. So as your real estate career progresses, you have to keep on reading real estate magazines to be ahead of the game.

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