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Adobe is a popular brand in the software industry known for its amazing platforms for document creation and graphic design. As someone who works with technology on a daily basis, it would be great if you're familiar with Adobe and its various products and formats.... Read More

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an animation software used by video creators for animation, visual effects, and motion picture compositing for films, TV shows, and web video creation. This software offers a wide selection of Effects used to edit imagery and enables users to combine layers of clips and images into one scene.

Adobe EPS

Adobe EPS is the business-standard file format in print using superb vector graphics that are compatible with eclectic OS platforms. Although this old postscript program for images inside a document was replaced by the modern Adobe PDF, an EPS file is still prominent among publishers for big printouts since 1992.

Adobe SVG

Adobe SVG is the paramount file format in web design, thanks to its vector images with a scalable resolution for any size and XML code for text. Touted as the ultimate instrument for websites in making a 2D illustration, chart, or graphics, let’s take a look deeper at these transformative Adobe SVG files which were brought up since the 90s.

Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF documents are no stranger in the digital world for containing high-quality links, audio, video, and even forms, and they can be opened using Adobe Acrobat or the Pro version. Dubbed as the most versatile and popular file format made by Adobe, PDFs eventually became the standard file format according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).