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Website templates satiate the necessity of every website developer. They can be used to create ecommerce websites, film/photography websites, fashion websites, news websites etc. Even bloggers can find what they are looking for among these. The Free website templates are based on XHTML and CSS3 coding which leaves room for sufficient modifications and additions. They are cross browser compatible and can also support Full Photoshop PSD files.... Read More

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12+ Newspaper Templates In PSD

Deriving its name from Wall Street in the center of Lower Manhattan’s financial district, The Wall Street Journal has been in publication since 1889. Thirty-seven Pulitzer Prizes later, “The Journal” reported a circulation of about 2.475 million copies, including almost 1,590,000 digital subscriptions as of June 2018. Just like “The Journal,” newspapers are now highly targeted to cater to a specific group of readers.

10+ Magazine Templates in PSD

The magazine industry is globally raking in $100 billion dollars and is still reported to keep growing, which shows us that people still care about print and magazines are nowhere near being taken over by online content, regardless of how busy people get and how majority of their reading time is now taken up by the internet. Magazines still have quite a sizeable audience in fashion, technology, information, and business sectors, making it safe for the rest of us to say, that they’re still popular.

7+ Law Firm Website Templates

Are you in need of a law firm website template? If that is the case, then you have come across the right article for sure. Whether you want to get one or if you prefer to create your own does not matter; the information below will help you achieve your goal regardless. So sit back and prepare to soak in as much information as possible.

6+ Marketing Firm Website Templates

One of the things that allow people to compete with the best marketing firms in the world these days is to have their own website dedicated to their marketing efforts. The creation of these sites is hardly a walk in the park, so going for a template often proves to be a great idea. If you’re one of those who are interested in this venture, then you’ve come to the right place. Behold and see for yourself just what it is that makes these website templates tick.

6 Steak House Website Templates

A steak house is always going to be a popular restaurant type regardless of where you are. The creation of websites for them is also going to be a similarly good idea. If that is what you are after, then you’ll need to develop a greater knowledge base when it comes to steak house website templates. This article will strive to help you with that, so take a step back and watch as the necessary information unfolds before you.