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Apple is one of the most prominent brands in today's digital age. Whenever people get asked what brand they'd lean on whenever they buy a technological product, Apple would be the most common word that comes out of their mouths.... Read More

how to remove duplicates in apple numbers

How to Remove Duplicates in Apple Numbers

Apple introduces Apple Numbers as the ultimate online spreadsheet program for Mac or iOS users, and it serves as an application competitor to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. As you create as many tables, lists, contacts, and other data in a sheet, you might come across some duplicates that need to be removed quickly and efficiently.

How to Record Video into Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple’s Final Cut Pro sets itself as one of the best video editing applications out there. With high-quality performing features and tools, Final Cut Pro enables its users to maximize creativity skills and to expect great software experience pre- and post-production.

How to Adjust Titles in Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro steps itself forward with promising tools and functions for video editing that allows you to create productions with features such as Duplicate Detection, Motion and Compressor, and professional color grading. Final Cut Pro also promotes easy post-production editing for MacBook and iMac users.

How to Compose Video in Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro is all about putting together video clips, trimming each one down, and composing an entire unified video that often comes with a plot. Because this task can get complicated especially for users who are new to the program, Apple made sure to provide the necessary tools to help them compose professional videos easily.

How to Add Audio to Analog Modulator in Apple Motion

Sound is a fundamental element of video and film production. And, if you are using motion graphics software applications like Apple Motion, you can not only add audio to a project but also manipulate it to suit your video production needs.