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Product surveys are very widespread and need a lot of detailed questions built-in their formats. Product surveys generally include a lot of information like the why, what, how, where and when of the product. At the same time, this survey also needs to subtly take in consideration the competition products and their market share. After achieving this, what a product survey should finally achieve is the knowledge of its shortcomings and the areas where it requires thriving in order to conquer bigger and better markets. You may also see Email Survey Template.

For these reasons a product survey form needs to be completely sufficient in all manners on all fronts and still be as short as possible. This website provides you some Survey Templates that meet this exact requirement.

Product Survey Template in Word


Survey Report Template to Edit


Business Market Survey Template to Print


Restaurant Survey Template in Doc


Sample Product Survey Template Free Download

Sample Product Survey Template Free Download

Insights into Product Survey Templates

When considering about a consumer product, though there could be many varieties of product survey templates, in general they can be classified broadly into two types. One type of template is used to evaluate the product performance and the other type to know the pulse of the customer what type of features they are expecting in new product.

Both types of templates are again will have in-depth questionnaire for evaluation. The number of questions depends on the type of the product and one can avoid repeating the questions and make it as simple as possible.

Example Format Product Satisfaction Survey Template

Product Satisfaction Survey Template

Important Questionnaire in the Product Survey Template

The questionnaire should help to get opinion mainly about delivery, installation, quality, price, durability and warranty service. These topics can be covered in questionnaire intelligently asking questions like “how do you rate the value of the product when compared to price”, “how do you rate the features of the product”, or “how do you rate the robustness of the product”.

Skin Care Products Survey Template Example Format

Skin Care Products Survey Template Example Format

Various formats of Product Survey Templates

There are plenty of product survey templates that are usable instantly and customizable templates are also available on the web. One can choose a template that suits their requirements most. The templates are mostly in MS word, MS excel and PDF formats. One can choose the desired format and modify them by adding or removing questions from the questionnaire list.

Product Evolution Survey Template Free Format Download

Product Evolution Survey Template Word Doc

Points to remember while creating product survey template

  • One should not forget to add the company logo on the product survey template.
  • Branding is essential and without it the survey has no meaning at all.
  • Including the objective of the survey like is sure to get noticed, the examples could be “Voice your opinion about this product and help us to help you or  Let your mind speak of our product.

Waste Product Survey Template Example Format Download

Waste Product Survey Template Example Format Download

Dos and Don’ts about Product Survey Template

  • Always include genuine questions about the product in the survey questionnaire and they should have clarity and quite straightforward.
  • When one is seeking rating for various questionnaires, the rating scale should be consistent for all questions to avoid confusions.
  • The template should be build in such a way that one should be able to read, understand and answer the survey questions in about five or maximum of ten minutes.

Consumer Product Market Research Survey Sample Template

Consumer Product Market Research Survey PDF Template

Sample Global Survey of New Product Purchase Template

Global Survey of New Product Purchase Template PDF

> Benefits of Product Survey

By reaching the customer the product manufactures are indirectly promoting branding themselves. The surveys give a good impression about the product producers. It will help to find trend in the market and based on the survey results new product with better features can be launched. The surveys are cost effective and easily targetable to the product users.

Banking Product Survey Example Format Template

Banking Product Survey Template in PDF

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