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A survey is technically a poll, or a study conducted on a specific group or population regarding a particular subject. For example, population surveys are regularly conducted by the government and other bodies to study the population of a particular place – their habits, behaviors, customs and traditions and so on. Apart from that, surveys are also conducted by large companies. If they have a product doing the rounds in the market, it is imperative for them to find out how the product is doing. Hence, people are hired to carry out surveys for it.You may also see Word Survey Template.

Basic Survey Template

basic-survey-template Download

Simple Survey Report Template in MS Word

sample-survey-report-template-in-ms-word Download

Business Market Survey Template in iPages

business-market-survey-template-in-ipages Download

Easy to Edit New Employee Survey Template

easy-to-edit-new-employee-survey-template Download

Employee Compliance Survey Template

employee-compliance-survey-template Download

Training Survey Template

training-survey-template Download

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

employee-satisfaction-survey-template Download

Printable Site Survey Template

printable-site-survey-template Download

Product Survey Template

product-survey-template Download

Restaurant Survey Template

restaurant-survey-template Download

Editable Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

editable-customer-satisfaction-survey-template Download

Easy to Print Student Survey Template

easy-to-print-student-survey-template Download

Motivation Survey Template

motivation-survey-template Download

Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

patient-satisfaction-survey-template Download

Church Member Survey Template

church-member-survey-template Download

Simple Survey Report Template Download In XLS

simple survey report template download in xls

Patient Satisfaction Survey Template Excel Download

patient satisfaction survey template excel download

Employee Satisfaction Survey Detailed Version PDF Document

employee satisfaction survey detailed version pdf document

Politics Survey PDF Document Download

politics survey pdf document download

Survey Turnover Reporting Excel Template

survey turnover reporting excel template

PDF Document Language Assessment Survey Template

pdf document language assessment survey template

Survey Sample Quetions and Tips PDF Template

survey sample quetions and tips pdf template

Excel Template for CSA Client Surveys Results

excel template for csa client surveys results

Pre Election Voter Awareness Survey PDF Document Download

pre election voter awareness survey pdf document download

Market Survey Spreadsheet Excel

market survey spreadsheet excel

Club Survey Template Free Word Document Download

club survey template free word document download

Sample Exhibitor Survey Template Download in PDF

sample exhibitor survey template download in pdf

Excel Template for Perception Survey

excel template for perception survey

Organizational Survey Template PDF Document Download

organizational survey template pdf document download

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template in Excel Format

customer satisfaction survey template in excel format

Usually, a questionnaire is drawn up which contains a number of questions regarding that particular topic. In a   Survey Template about a product, the questionnaire will contain questions like “how long have you been using the product?”, “how has it benefitted you?”, “do you have any complaints?” and so on.

> Types of Survey Templates

Given all the different type of surveys, each differing from the other in methodology and purpose, you need to learn about the various types of survey templates, so that you can make an informed decision while downloading them. Some of the common types are-

Questionnaire Survey Template

Such surveys do not require a face to face interaction. The person carrying out the survey simply crafts a detailed and comprehensive questionnaire which is handed over to the person participating in the survey. He or she will have to answer each question in the questionnaire survey template as objectively and honestly as possible. These are usually multiple choice questions, where the person has to choose his answer from 4 options provided. Finally, the answers provided by a number of people are evaluated and analysed, and the results obtained.

Interview Survey Template

In such surveys, there is not questionnaire to fill out. Instead, the subject us interviews by an interviewer who is experienced and adept in the art of carrying out such surveys. Questions are asked, and the person is expected to answer them as soon as possible. The answers are recorded or noted down by the interviewer in interview templates. The answers are then analysed and final results are published based on the opinions of the interviewee.

Market Survey Template

In marketing companies or the marketing departments of companies, market surveys are carried out on a regular basis. Without a thorough knowledge of the market, how are they supposed to understand the market trends which are constantly changing? A market survey template would allow you to record the various trends of the market, record your observations, analyse the findings and publish the results.

Why Should You Use Survey Templates?

Have you ever carried out a survey? Or may be even participated in one? Then you’ll know how detailed and meaningful each question in a survey is. They have been carefully researched, and only then have the questionnaires been drawn or a market survey strategy been crafted! Unless you’re experienced, you’re bound to mix up the formats or make a mistake while planning the survey; but there is nothing to worry about. There is always a first time. If you’re carrying out a survey, why don’t you just try out survey templates online? These are well designed templates which could make your tough job a whole lot easier. You can even narrow down your search on the basis of the type of survey. You can get special free survey templates irrespective of the kind of survey you’re planning. Since these are free, you won’t have to worry about spending unnecessary money either! You can just download a great template, and give it a try. Once you download survey templates, you’ll be able to edit and customize the details depending upon your survey.

How To Create Surveys Using Templates?

Planning to create a survey using a template? Well don’t worry, they aren’t all that hard to use. First, you need to decide upon the type of survey you’re conducting. Is it for a particular product? Or is it a market survey? If it is a market survey, are you specializing in market trends, market segmentation or target audiences? Ask yourself these questions and try to answer them as accurately as possible. Once you do, search for great survey templates based on the type. You will be greeted with a plethora of options, and you can choose any one of them. Having decided the template, click on the download button for survey template samples. After downloading them, study the pattern and make any changes that you feel are necessary. Of course, your survey will have questions different than the ones in the Employee Satisfaction Survey Template. So edit the template, and just add your own details. With the format already constructed, editing it shouldn’t be a problem!

Tips While Using Survey Templates

Planning to download a survey template? Then these are a few things you must keep in mind

  • First, you must decide on the methodology of the survey- do you want it to be a questionnaire? Or do you want it to be in the form of an interview? If you decide on a questionnaire, you will need to come up with a bunch of questions that you want your subject to answer. On the other hand, an interview template will consist of a list of things to ask the interviewee. You can change the questions on spot as well.
  • Prepare a rough draft first. Chalk out a plan of all the questions you want to ask in the survey. Note down as many questions as possible, you can exclude unnecessary ones later on. With a rough draft, you’ll get an insight into the bigger picture, and you’ll know what you want your survey to be like.
  • Go for survey templates which can be customized. Because, no two surveys can be similar. Each survey will have a set of questions that are unique to it. The template you download will have a bunch of questions already prepared for you. You can take the help of these questions to come up with your own. Then you can include your questions in the coherent fashion in the Ordnance Survey space provided.
  • Do not forget to mention any details that might be important. Also, make sure that the questions are presented in a clear, simple and precise manner. If you use vague terms and phrases, the person answering the question may not understand and that ruins the whole purpose of a survey. Keep the questions as short as possible, so that the person is kept engaged. Losing the attention of the interviewee is the worst thing that can happen during a survey.

What To Do And What Not To Do With Survey Templates


  • Mention the subject of the survey in the beginning.
  • Try to keep the design of the survey template example simple and precise.
  • Large fonts are always preferred in the case of survey templates.
  • Create a rough draft before finally creating the survey.


  • Do not make the design clumsy or go overboard with it.
  • Do not miss out on important or relevant details
  • Do not forget to take the type and methodology of the survey into account.
  • Do not choose the first template you see, be cautious while choosing.

We Can Help You Out!

At, we have a great range of Patient Satisfaction Survey Template just for you. We have the best survey templates, created by people who know what they’re doing. Irrespective of the kind of survey you’re planning to carry out, you can trust us to give you the widest range of options. We know how important this survey is for you, and we promise to put our best foot forward in providing the most professional and efficient survey templates. Creating a questionnaire or a survey takes a lot of patience, not to mention time and energy. Because you cannot just randomly include questions which may or may not have relevance with the given subject. All the questions in the survey must be subject specific, they need to have a purpose and Blank Crossword Template must be arranged in a logical manner. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a format you could follow? Well think no more, you have amazing survey templates available online. These templates have been designed keeping in mind the different types of survey templates. You can choose accordingly, and make any necessary changes or edits that you feel are necessary.

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