26+ Survey Templates – Word, PDF, Google Docs

There is no need for an expensive marketing research team when you need detailed information to be gathered for your customers, patients or even students. The proper use of survey templates are the best option, since this way, you can save a lot of time and effort than creating one from scratch. It is a quick and very effective way to get immediate feedback. Since these templates that are mentioned below are available in many file formats, choose the one that suits you best.

survey templates

Basic Survey Template

basic survey template
File Format
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US


Collecting information through surveys? Have a go in using this above-mentioned basic survey template that is made available for your immediate use after download. Simply fill in any questions you wish to ask in getting specific information. Tailor fit the template to your needs and freely change or add content to the document to get the specific information needed. You can either point it or share it digitally in any social media with ease like Facebook, Snapcat, Instagram, etc. Download the template now!

Meeting Survey Template

meeting survey template
File Format
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US


Are you on the lookout for a basic survey template that allows you to gauge just how effective your company meetings are? If so, then you can use this template that is mentioned above for your convenience. What this file gives guarantee for is that it comes with a professional-level quality and that it will be quite easy for you to customize. You can determine its quality first by its well-designed layouts, formatting, and pre-existing content. Beneath the visual aspect, it is incredibly easy to use and is quite versatile. Try it out now!

Product Survey Template

product survey template
File Format
  • Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs

Size: A4, US


Are you curious to know which aspects of your company’s products are working and which ones aren’t? If so, know that you can get the answers directly from your customers with the help of this product survey template. It already comes with useful content and impeccable formatting that you can customize to suit any requirement you may have for it. For added convenience, it comes in numerous file formats that you can choose from. Try it out now!

Editable Survey Report Template in iPages

editable survey report template in ipagesBuy Now

Simple Business to Business Market Survey

sample business to business market surveyBuy Now

Editable New Employee Survey Template

editable new employee survey templateBuy Now

Editable Employee Satisfaction Survey

editable employee satisfaction surveyBuy Now

Simple Restaurant Business Survey Template

simple restaurant business survey templateBuy Now

Easy to Edit Product Survey Template

easy to edit product survey templateBuy Now

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template in MS Word

customer satisfaction survey template in ms wordBuy Now

Student Survey Template Design

student survey template designBuy Now

Employee Compliance Survey Template

employee compliance survey templateBuy Now

Training Survey Template in iPages

training survey templateBuy Now

Easy to Edit Site Survey Form Template

easy to edit site survey form templateBuy Now

Editable Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

editable patient satisfaction survey templateBuy Now

Church Survey Template

church survey templateBuy Now

Employee Survey Templates:

The best and most effective way to gauge employee satisfaction in a job is to do a survey. These employee survey templates has been designed by experts to assist you gather all the information you need for analysis. Theya re aviable in varous file formats, so pick the one that usits your need and preferences best.

Employee Job Satisfaction Survey Template Word Doc

employee job satisfaction survey template word doc

Customer Survey Templates:

Every business should conduct customer surveys periodically. Customer survey templates help you understand your position in the market better, and also, what the customers think about your services and products. This template is designed professionally to help you get all the information you need.

This way, you have a better idea of what you need to do to improve yourself and increase the popularity of your business to gain more customers. It can be downloaded in various document formats like XPS, Excel, RTF, PSD, PDF, etc. You can also print them or share them digitally on any social media platform with ease.

Market Force Customer Satisfaction Survey Template PDF Format

market force customer satisfaction survey template pdf format

Training Survey Templates:

After every training session, a good trainer should gather feedback from participants. To do this you need a professionally prepared training survey template. Armed with this, you can receive feedback and make improvements before the next training session. These templates are easy to use and can be modified as per the needs of the user with ease. Check them out now!

Children Training Course Evaluation Template Word Format

children training course evaluation template word format

Blank Survey Templates:

If you want to make your custom survey template and avoid using those designed by others then a blank template will be of help. This blank survey template has been designed expertly to make your work easy. You can make specific changes as you wish. Check student survey templates for more. Make all the changes you need as these templates can be used with ease. The contents are fully editable and are compatible with the user as well.

Free Blank Single Survey Template PDF Format

free blank single survey template pdf format

Survey Results Templates:

After conducting a successful survey, you should quickly compile the results for further action. Use the below-mentioned survey templates to make the best presntations of the survey results you got for your questionnaire. These have to be compared to certain groups of respondents in the survey. The template is available in several formats like PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

Company Survey Results Report Template Free Word Format

company survey results report template free word format

Satisfaction Survey Templates:

If you want to be aware of your business environment in terms of what customers think, you need to periodically conduct a customer satisfaction survey. Using a satisfaction survey template, you can effectively do this quickly and professionally. These expertly designed templates are available in formats like Excel, Word, PDF, Sheets, etc, which you can download and use at the comfort of your home itself. Download them now!

Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey Template Word Format

restaurent customer satisfaction survey template word format

Survey Form Templates:

To collect qualitative or quantitative information, a survey form template is required. This speeds up your work since you do not spend any more time designing the template afresh. Just download the template in any formats available including Word, PSD, Excel, PDF, and go on with your data collection.

Also, a site survey template comes in handy since these have been professionally designed to cover all that you may need, simply customize them to your desires and proceed.

Free Download WCI Site Survey Template Sample

free download wci site survey template sample

Free Download

Survey Report Template

After every survey, a report needs to be prepared to cover all aspects of the survey in the correct format. Use this professionally designed survey report template to do this without leaving any part out and being presentable. Another advantage of these templates is that they are not just limited to the computer, but you can also download them on any electronic device with ease. Try them out now!

Historic Resources Survey Report Template PDF Printable

historic resources survey report template pdf printable

Personal Information Demographic Survey Template PDF

personal information demographic survey template pdf

Parent Survey Templates:

Parent surveys help schools and the management to learn and have successfully established relationships with the parents so that it gets easier to talk to them about their ward. Their views, satisfaction level amongst the other information should be gathered, analyzed and then acted upon in order. The best way to do this professionally is to use a parent survey template. All you would have to do is download the template you pick, edit and customize it to suit your preferences. Grab this deal now!

Parent and Family Involvement Survey Template for Education

parent and family envolvement survey template for education

Student Survey Templates:

The best way to know if your school is running smoothly is to survey the students. This all-encompassing survey can help the school management know how best to deal with students and improve performance. Make it easy by using a student survey template available in many formats including PDF, Excel, PSD, Word, etc. to name a few. Try them out now!

Sample Student Survey of Teacher PDF Download

sample student survey of teacher pdf download

Workshop Feedback Survey Template Word Free Download

workshop feedback survey template word free download

CCTV Site Survey Form Template PDF Download

cctv site survey form template pdf download

Email Survey Templates:

A cheap, fast and effective way to conduct a survey is to use an email survey. It reaches your audience fast and they can provide their feedback at their convenience. To appear professional in this use this email survey template that has been designed by experts. These email surveys will be of great use to you as you do not need to make one from bottom up.

Feedback Survey Templates:

After an event or service to a customer, it is very important to get their feedback. Since customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for any business entity, you must ask for their valuable feedback for any future service of the same kind. This can be achieved by surveying the target audience and acting on their feedback. This feedback survey template that is expertly designed will make your work very professional looking. Download one in PSD, XPS, Word, PDF, Excel or RTF formats.