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13+ Work Experience Letter Templates – PDF

Eventually, employees will want to leave an organization that they’re working for so that they can set out on for much better or opportunities or if they decide to have a change in career path. In the event that it happens, prospective employers will want to be running a background check to verify whatever information applicants have provided in their resumes.

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One of the most important pieces of information that needs to be verified would be the responsibilities as well as the term of an applicant from a previous organization that he or she has worked for. Which is the reason why many employers create and hand over work experience letters to resigning employees and this article will teach you all that you need to know in order to create one?

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What Is a Work Experience Letter?

Before you start making the letter, you’ll need to know about its purpose first. The whole point of creating a work experience letter is so that prospective employers learn everything that they need about an employee that used to work for your company (assuming that you’re the employer in the situation). For an employee, this letter is highly valued as it showcases what roles, duties, and responsibilities that the employee was tasked with during his or her tenure with a company that was mentioned in his or her resume.

Basically, the sample letter is a very useful tool that can be used to verify whatever information about a previous company that an applicant has worked for and shares with an employer via a resume or a curriculum vitae. So long as it has the signature of the previous employee, as well as other important employment-related information, then the letter can be considered as official.

Letter of Work Experience

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Simple Work Experience Letter

Work Experience Letter for Students

Work Experience Verification Letter

How to Create a Work Experience Letter

If you’re the employer in a situation where you have officially accepted an employee’s resignation request, then you should know that there will come a time where you will have to provide a work experience letter. You should know now that it will require certain elements in order for a prospective employer to gather all that he or she needs to know about an employee that has departed your company.

So here are the things that you should include in your work experience letter:

1. The Date of When the Letter Was Created

This is something that you should always place in every work experience letter that you’re bound to create. The reason as to why you’re required to place the date of when the letter was made is that prospective employers can use it to verify as to whether the employee is currently unemployed or is still employed by another organization. Knowing this can affect the chances of an applicant getting hired, meaning that it’s all the more important that you place it in the letter.

Make sure that you provide the month, day, and year so that there won’t be any confusion as to the date of the letter’s creation.

2. Details of the Company

If another employer learned that an applicant had a previous job prior to his or her application, then the employer would want details on the company that the applicant worked for. So the main reason as to why you would have to provide details about the company you own or work for is so that a prospective employer can verify as to whether or not the company is legitimate. You may also see sample work reference letters.

So what you will want to do first is write down the complete name of the company. This way, the prospective employer will have an easier time in verifying the company. Next is that you will need to provide the company address. Be sure that you write it down completely and that means everything from the street name, block number etc. This way, the prospective employer can make a personal visit if he or she decides to do so. Just make sure that you place the current address of the branch that you’re situated in. You may also see work reference letter templates.

3. To Whom It May Concern

While you’re creating the letter, the one thing that will be running throughout your mind is what you will have to present to another employer that’s interesting in hiring an employee that has left your organization. However, there is no way for you to address all the different employers that your employee will be applying to, meaning that there’s no way you can include all the possible names of these employers into the letter.

And this is the main reason as to why the best option that you can go for is by writing down words such as “To whom it may concern” or anything that’s similar. This way, you’ll be addressing any and every prospective employer that the employee will be going through when he or she applies for another career opportunity. You may also see work application letters.

Work Experience Letter for Teachers

Work Experience  Letter for Software Engineers

4. Information About the Employee

This is something that you will need to write down in the main body of the letter as the prospective employer will want to learn everything about someone who worked for you. You’re not able to do this in just a few sentences, meaning that there are a ton of things that you will have to place in the letter. You may also see work recommendation letter templates.

So here are the things that you should never forget to include:

  • The name of the employee. This should be pretty obvious right from the start as the whole point of this letter is to provide information about someone that used to work for you. So as you’re writing the employee’s name into the letter, be sure that you write it completely. This means that you must include the first name, last name, and even the middle initial so that the prospective employer won’t have a difficult time running a background check. You may also see promotion letter templates.
  • The name of your company. Although this is already stated in an earlier section of the letter, you will still need to provide it for the sake of formality. Always remember that you will have to write the complete name of the company so that the prospective employer will have an easier time in verifying where the company is located. You may also see job application letters in a word.
  • The term of employment. This piece of information is vital as every prospective employer will have to verify it. They’ll need accurate information of when an applicant was employed at a previous company that he or she used to work for and the date that he or she had officially resigned. So the first thing that you will need to write is the date in which the employee had officially been employed in your company. Next is that you will have to provide the date in which the employee has resigned. Make sure that you include the month, day, and year of when both happened. You may also see work letter templates.
  • The employee’s role and responsibilities. A person applying for another company will no doubt be including what he or she had been doing from a previous company that he or she used to work for as that information can help increase the chances of gaining employment. However, just about every employer would want to verify that information, meaning that they’ll need this letter to provide them with a list of the different roles and duties that an applicant was tasked with while he or she was still working for your company. List down all the relevant information such as what roles the employee played and what he or she fulfilled during his or her tenure. If you want, then you may even provide a short description of the employee’s overall performance. You may also see offer letter templates.

5. Employer Information

If you’re the employer that’s tasked with the creation of the work experience letter, then you will have to provide information about yourself. You don’t have to worry about getting too into detail as you’ll most likely be only required to provide your complete name and your job title. These two pieces of information are just about what every employer needs to verify the creator of the letter and whether or not it actually came from the person that has the authority to make it. You may also see personal letter templates.

Be sure that you write down your first name, last name, as well as your middle initial. Then make sure that you provide your job title so that there will be no question as to what your role in a particular company is. And lastly, you should always put your signature into the letter as that’s the one thing that can help people determine whether a letter has been officially signed by someone that has the authority to do so. You may also see experience letter formats.

6. Proofread and Edit

When you’re finished writing down everything that the letter needs, then the last step is for you to proofread and edit it. You’ll want to find any mistakes pertaining the letter’s grammar, spelling, and even the information about anything that’s related to the employee. Go through the letter at least twice so that you are able to immediately spot and fix any mistakes that you may have missed. You may also see professional warning letters.

If you would like to learn about the other letters that you could possibly create, then all you have to do is go to our site. It has all the different articles that contain information which should be able to help you out. Just make sure that you go through each of them thoroughly so that you can make effective use of everything that you are able to gather. You may also see letter templates.

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