53+ Restaurant Menu Templates

A smartly designed restaurant Free Menu Template can be a massive leverage to any food business. Right from creating easy to keep restaurant menus that your clients can keep handy to spreading the word about any special menus for weekends of festival holidays. With PSD and vector files included in these templates.you can use the structure as a base and give it a massive makeover to make your restaurant template different from those of the competitors.

Italian Restaurant Menu Template


Vintage Restaurant Menu Template


Restaurant Menu Template in PSD

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Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template

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Simple Restaurant Menu Board Template

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Classic Restaurant Menu Template

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Western Grill Restaurant Menu Template

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Blank Restaurant Menu InDesign Template

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Vertical Sketch Restaurant Menu Template

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Classic Chalk Board Restaurant Menu

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PSD Restaurant Food Table Tent Menu Template

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Restaurant Front Menu Template

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Restaurant Table Tent Menu Template

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Restaurant Menu Word Template

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Restaurant Table Tent Menu Card Template

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Cafe Menu PSD Template

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Simple Food Menu Photoshop Template

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Simple Vintage Restaurant Menu Template


Italian Restaurant Menu Word Template


Rustic Restaurant Menu Illustrator Template


Simple Restaurant Menu Template

  • simple restaurant menu template

Simple Restaurant Menu Template is generally used to create 11×8.5 in trifold brochures. It uses CMYK colour mode and 300 dpi res leaving 0.25 in bleed area and cs2 compatible files.

Sea Food Restaurant Menu

  • sea food restaurant menu

The sea food restaurant menu comes with a very interesting look, with attractive pictures of sea food. The template is easily editable and resizable and allows the pictures to be removed or altered, without causing any damage to quality. It includes two sides, neatly arranged layers and eye-catching colors. This kind of menu will surely give customers that delicious taste of sea food in their mouths.

Royal Restaurant Menu Template

  • royal restaurant menu template

This template is useful for flat menu displays, designed to include formats that are easily printable and attractive. The template also lets you rearrange or alter the layered display of knife, salad, wine bottle and fork. It comes in 4 spectacular backgrounds for you to choose from, luring customers into your menu for an amazing dining experience.

Pizza Restaurant Menu Template

  • pizza restaurant menu template

This menu template is something to look forward to for all pizza lovers. It includes easily readable items as well as images, both of which can be edited and easily printed. The item names are creative and come in vast variety. Choose the menu color that you wish and you are all set to welcome your customers for a yummy tummy time!

Vintage Restaurant Menu Template

  • vintage restaurant menu template

With Vintage Restaurant Menu Template, you can create 100% vector illustrations in EPS10. HQ JPEG preview in 5000 x 5000 px makes it a loved choice for designing restaurant menu templates for mac as well as android.

Delicious Restaurant Menu Template

  • delicious restaurant menu template

Delicious Restaurant Menu Template is featured with 3 layered PSD, 8.5×11 inch, 300 dpi, CMYK colour mode, free fonts with free menu templates, JPG preview and with all editable features.

Attractive Restaurant Menu Template

  • attractive restaurant menu template 788x717

This menu comes with very good quality JPEG preview, CMYK color file and images of 5000 x 5000 PX high resolutions that are very attractive. It includes a beautiful design, a brief description about your restaurant and categories of food on the cover. This template can be used for cafes, by the road restaurants, etc. to attract customers.

Multipurpose Restaurant Menu Template

  • multipurpose restaurant menu template

Use the organised PSD layers to create dinners, cocktails desserts, breakfast’s designs with Multipurpose Restaurant Menu Template which has 8.5×11 in dimension print size version with customisable colour and free fonts.

Classic Restaurant Menu Template

  • classic restaurant menu template

With single front layout and 3 layout variations, and with 8.5 x 14 dimensions, Classic Restaurant Menu Template can be used to design restaurant menu ideas. It also has .25 bleed area with 300 dpi and CMYK colour mode.

Goodlife Restaurant Menu Template

  • goodlife restaurant menu template

Designers love Goodlife Restaurant Menu Template which has 11×8.5 in dimensions with 0.25 in bleed area. CMYK, 300 DPI, organised PSD files make it perfect idea for restaurant menu maker.

Modern Restaurant Menu Template

  • modern restaurant menu template

Featuring fully layered and organized print ready files, Modern Restaurant Menu Template has free downloadable restaurant menu templates with smart vector illustration graphics. Menu restaurant word can be used for customising fonts and colours.

Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template

  • chalkboard restaurant menu template

Try Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template to design free restaurant menu templates for word. It has AI CS4 compatibility with high-resolution JPEG and customisable fonts and colour options along with CMYK colour mode.

Hipster Restaurant Menu Template

  • hipster restaurant menu template

With Hipster Restaurant Menu Template, designers can create editable restaurant menu template with vector illustration in print ready version in CMYK, 300 DPI and A4 – 210mm x 297mm dimensions.

Retro Restaurant Menu Template

  • retro restaurant menu template

CMYK print-ready files in 11×8.5 in dimension, with 0.25 in bleed space, Retro Restaurant Menu Template can be customized to create Free Restaurant Menu Templates for bifold menu brochures for hotel menus.

Versatile Restaurant Menu Template

  • versatile restaurant menu template

Featuring 300 dpi and CMYK colour mode, Versatile Restaurant Menu Template is widely used for creating restaurant menu design and logos with fully layered PSD files and organized print ready files.

Restaurant Food Menu Template

  • restaurant food menu template

A simplistic layout is sported with this template besides the variable Bleed margins and color selections. CMYK color modes are supported in addition to the fully editable Photoshop files and stock images.

New York Restaurant Menu Template

  • new york restaurant menu template

Set the standards high with this feature packed template including customizable images and a print ready interface. Stock photos can be well teamed up with multiple color schemes besides the exclusive CMYK compatibility.

Clean Restaurant Menu Template

  • clean restaurant menu template

This template includes a print ready interface in addition to the layered approach and several organized layers. CMYK color compatibility surely packs a punch whereas the free fonts available make designing seamlessly easy.

Asian Restaurant Menu Template

  • asian restaurant menu template

Customizable files are included besides the ready artwork and CorelDraw, thus making the template exceptionally resourceful. Graphical illustrators are involved besides the Adobe inspired images and font sets for professional use.

Mexican Restaurant Menu Template

  • mexican restaurant menu template

One can add agency quality images and font sets into the picture with this exciting template besides the digital output. Download access is provided in addition to the easy to use page layouts and a print ready framework.

Coffee Shop Restaurant Menu Template

  • coffee shop restaurant menu template

High quality photos and detailed artwork make this template an instant hit among the professionals. Make the pages come to life with multiple color schemes and an exclusive print ready interface.

Tri-Fold Brochure Menu Template

  • tri fold brochure menu template

One can find an editable layout with certain PSD files embedded within this resourceful template. Styles can be edited in addition to the images and font sets whereas highly organized layers come in handy.

pizzeria Restaurant Menu Template

  • pizzeria restaurant menu template

This template features a bi-fold design which comes in handy for the users besides the printable interface. PDFs are included in addition to the image inclusions and a completely customizable layout.

BBQ Menu Template

  • bbq menu template

Include this template for getting hold of million stock images and a print ready interface. One can easily customize this layout whereas the PDF support renders added flexibility besides the image uploading prowess.

Over Fresh Menu Template

  • over fresh menu template

This template revolutionizes the pages by including bi-fold brochures and a customizable interface for the professionals. Stock images make the backbone of the same followed by the print ready layout.

Quick And Easy Menu Template

  • quick and easy menu template

This is one highly flexible template with Photoshop PSD files and a completely genuine layered approach. Editable styles and CMYK compatibility provides the needed support in addition to the print ready interface.

Pizzeria Restaurant Menu

  • pizzeria restaurant menu

4 master pages are included with this template which also features multiple files and Adobe illustrators. A4 and A5 page viewing options are available in addition to the varying bleed margins and an editable layout.

Bi-Fold Food Menu Template InDesign Format

  • bi fold food menu template indesign format

One can make room for exciting images with this captivating template featuring multiple color variations. Font sets are selective and complement the print ready interface perfectly enough besides the layered approach.

Food Beverage Template

  • food beverage template

6 PSD files are included with this template in addition to high quality graphics and the ceramic noise texture. Different layouts are sported in addition to the 4 different pages and an extended cover menu.

Tri-Fold Restaurant Template

  • tri fold restaurant template

This template provides an editable interface for the professionals besides the smart object inclusions and a graphical layout. Multiple color schemes come in handy whereas the layered PSD files surely pack a punch.

Food Menu Template Photoshop PSD Design

  • food menu template

Here comes a flexible template which has in store PSD files and smart objects besides supporting the A4 size page modifications. Multiple color options are featured whereas the CMYK compatibility surely packs a punch.

Coffee Shop Menu Template

  • coffee shop menu template

CMYK color profile and a scalable interface make this template an instant hit among the designers. Impregnable is the font set used whereas the ready to print options render added support.

Mexican Restaurant Template

  • mexican restaurant template

This is one template which has in store several templates and a customizable interface as the cherry on top. Easy to read menus and a print ready interface come together to lend an alluring flavor to the designed pages.

American Dinner Template

  • american dinner template

Well organized layers make the backbone of this template besides the multiple color modes and CMYK compatibility. Bleed margins can be effectively modified in addition to the print ready interface.

Italiano Menu Template

  • italiano menu template

This template sports 2 size variants in addition to the well-organized layers and CMYK compatibility. Other features include color variations whereas the customizable interface surely packs a punch besides the included photos.

Tri-Fold Sushi Menu Template

  • tri fold sushi menu template

Adding names of the snacks, main course dishes and desserts that you are offering from kitchen is a breeze with these customizable restaurant Menu Templates. The color tones and graphics that come as default offerings in these HTML5 and CSS3 backed templates are absolutely ideal for any restaurant. Here are more than 25 best rated and top class restaurant menu templates that make it possible for you to give impetus to your food business.

For any food business, a smartly designed restaurant menu card is bound to attract the potential customers. The online market is growing and trust of the customers is directly proportional to the smartness of the presentation. Be it the regular menus or the special occasion menus, attractive menus gives massive makeover to the restaurants’ business. You can see also food menu templates.

> Uses

What you are offering from kitchen is what all needs to be mentioned in your menu card. Snacks, main course dishes and desserts are the three main parts of any menu card. With saucy sentences and a handful of food photos, the menu card can create professional outlook to your restaurant that will delight the inner foodie and impress your customers.

> Types

In this competitive age, a simple menu card is no more just a ‘simple’ thing. There are plethora of options for tri fold restaurant menu template, which on one hand has made the designers to be up breast with the latest designing options and also has helped to customise the designing options. For instance, Sea Food Restaurant Menu, Royal Restaurant Menu Template, Pizza Menu Template, Vintage Restaurant Menu Template, Classic Restaurant Menu Template etc. are all different options of restaurant menu design. The menu restaurant word offers many customisable options.

> Purpose

The free restaurant menu templates for word has all the options of customising its fonts, colour, text and design. The menu card, which apparently might seem to list the food items and the beverages, is also responsible for accelerating the sales rate of the restaurant. The best selling items are generally put on the forefront to make it easily visible to the customers. This is definitely one of the tactics of push selling. Also, with the attention-grabbing fonts used, it makes it readable for all ages. You can see also breakfast menu templates.

> Tips

Before you go for printing the menu card designs, go for an eye-scanning to check if the pattern is not looking clumsy. For all restaurant menu ideas, it is essential to check for the right menu design which is critical. Strategically arranging the food items is important in terms of increasing the sales. For instance, the dishes that you want to sale more are prominently displayed and not just clustered in the crowd of the rest of the food items. Also, if you are using a minimalist design for restaurant menu maker, the fonts should be legible and readable.

> How to Customize

Customising Editable restaurant menu template Vector is as simple as water. Whether you are a professional designer or is a beginner, the steps to create the free downloadable restaurant menu templates is very simple to follow. Most of the templates have plethora of design options which are available in the library. Depending on the type of the design, choose the layout which is available in CMYK colour mode.

It is even possible to customise the personal images in vector illustrations. It is possible to bolster the menu card with smart designs with the stock images and graphics available for download. The food menu templates can contain appetizers, entrees, soups, and special menus with sybaritic images.

Exc To create modern, clean and visually appealing menu restaurant psd, it is necessary to follow a certain pattern of designing restaurant menu design. Layered and organized files used in Food Menu Template Bundle can be used create trifold brochures which helps to quickly and easily pick out what to select from the menu offerings. Blackboard Restaurant Menu Design is ideal for any multipurpose restaurant use.

It has a clean layout along with an elegant look. One of the serious ways of promoting one’s food business is through Cafe Menu Flyer & Business Card which is made from menu restaurant word as it offers great customisable options. For bars and pubs, the designers love to use food menu template which has easy-to-read format.

These templates are designed carefully after lot of brainstorming by very good designers. They perfectly help restaurants display their concept with every detail and invite customers to grab the most delicious and fulfilling dining experience.

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