8+ DJ Party Flyers

A DJ party is one of the coolest parties in town as live music is being played while people enjoy their time together. DJ parties may be an event where a specific DJ will play his or her tracks, or it can also be a party where a number of participating DJs will play music continuously with the duration that depends on the specific time period of their music sets. A DJ party flyer is an effective marketing tool to disseminate information about a DJ party that is to take place.

If you want to have more information about the items that are included in a DJ party flyer, we can supply you with samples of DJ party flyers. Other than that, we also have downloadable samples of various flyer templates usable as references in creating different flyers for different events, functions, and purposes.

Female DJ Party Flyer

Female Dj Party Flyer


Free PSD DJ Party Flyer

Free PSD Dj Party Flyer


Guest DJ Party Flyer

Guest Dj Party Flyer


DJ Club Party Flyer

Dj Club Party Flyer


DJ Remix Party Flyer

Dj Remix Party Flyer


Information Found in a DJ Party Flyer

Since a DJ party flyer is used to promote an event where a DJ will play, here are a few items that you can see in this kind of marketing tool:

  • The name of the business or company who is presenting the DJ party event
  • The title of the party
  • The theme that is being applied to the party
  • The kind of DJ party that is to take place which will depend on the kind of music being played by the participating DJ
  • The DJs who are expected to grace the event and play their music
  • The location of the DJ party
  • The entrance fee or the door charge that people need to pay to be given permission of entry
  • The guidelines and rules that are needed to be followed by people who will attend the DJ party event
  • The suggested dress code that party attendees are expected to wear
  • The contact information that the customers may reach should they have any questions regarding the DJ party

Aside from our DJ party flyer samples and templates, you may also be interested to download and browse through our downloadable samples of party flyer templates

Electro DJ Party Flyer

Electro Dj Party Flyer


DJ Night Party Flyer

Dj Night Party Flyer


Free Retro Party PSD Flyer

Free Retro Party PSD Flyer


Modern DJ Party Flyer

Modern Dj Party Flyer


Suggestions in Creating a DJ Party Flyer

If you will host or organize a DJ party, you may use these suggestions in creating the DJ party flyer that you are to send out to promote your DJ party event:

  • List all the DJs who will play in the event as it is very important for people to know who they will listen to.
  • Identify the location of the event as there are DJ parties that may be indoors or outdoors. The clothes that the attendees will wear is greatly affected by this factor.
  • Write the kind of music that people can expect from the participating DJs so they can already create expectations regarding the mood that the music to be played can give them.
  • Assure that all the details about the DJ party are included in the DJ party flyer.

If the samples and templates that we have presented in this page is still not enough, we still have more samples of DJ flyer templates which you may be interested to download.

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