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Using flyers is typically known as a kind of throw-away marketing, because physical flyers were handed out to people or hung up high in public places with the hope that someone gets a passing glance at the least, before discarding it. But with the use of flyers as a digital marketing tool, there is continued usability. In fact, a digital marketing flyer will exist pretty much as long as the internet does.

Effective Advertising

Flyers are generally poorly printed on low quality paper because of their “disposable nature”. And even today, the best printable versions of flyers are typically printed to be cost effective. Nowadays, they’re mostly used to promote night clubs or new restaurants in the area. The sole purpose of a flyer is to offer a short amount of information, for a limited time at a very low cost. Typically you can use flyers for the announcements of special events, Product information, or even as fact sheets that you might want to hand out to potential customers.

Customizable Page Layouts

With the right kind of free or paid flyer template, you can add or replace stock photos or personal photos, change colors, resize text and images, and so on. And to ensure that you don’t face any trouble in case you decide to print them, premium flyer’s layout design files are carefully drafted to meet precise pre-press standards.