6+ Decal Stickers – PSD, Vector EPS


A decal sticker is an accessory and a design medium that can be transferred on different surfaces such as cars, walls, furniture, or even as a signage. What made a decal sticker a little different than a regular sticker is that its foundation is much stronger and it is composed of three layers, unlike the regular sticker which is just two.

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These 6+ Decal Stickers designs we have provided are perfect for any of its sample use as its designs are perfectly simple but catchy. To check out more of it, you can just click on the download button. For more cool sticker designs, you might want to check out this Disney Sticker sample.

Car Decal Stickers

car decal stickers Download

Surf Decal Stickers

surf decal stickers Download

Decal Bumper Stickers

decal bumper stickers Download

Wall Decal Stickers

wall decal stickers Download

What Are the Purposes of Decal Stickers?

As some may consider it as an accessible accessory to their favorite car, phones or as a house decor; the uses of a decal sticker can be far more functional than what we seem to think. However, here are the possible lists of the decal sticker’s functions are:

  • Signage – whether for a store or perhaps as part of a government’s car (such as printing out the police’s logo as decal sticker and printing it out on the car). The decal sticker is a powerful tool in sending out an important message within the society. Just so you know, the street’s signage are also made of decal stickers.
  • Wall Decor Sticker – some of the designs on this list are perfect for wall decors as they are simple, sweet and sophisticated. The decals for wall decors are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Car Decor Sticker – as what you can see on the very first sample of this list, the decal template samples can also be a perfect use for car decorations. Many people actually uses decals to decorate or make their cars attractive.
  • Device Decor Sticker – when we say device, it can be smartphone or a tablet, even on laptops. Nowadays, decal stickers are fab accessories for large gadgets.
  • Advertising Stickers – as there are others who uses the typical paper poster post-its, there are also others who uses decal stickers as part of their marketing strategy. It may not be cheaper, but using decal stickers as an advertising propaganda is actually a lot more convenient for those who posts it and as well as it is not easy to remove because of its enduring component.

How Can We Get These Decal Sticker Samples?

You can download all of these decal stickers by just clicking the download button, and it will lead you to more details of the stickers and its different format. Most likely these decals are saved on EPS formats. However, it depends if these decals can be download, depending if the creator included the raw files.

Nursery Wall Decal Stickers

nursery wall decal stickers Download

Phone Decal Stickers

phone decal stickers Download

Blank Round Decal Stickers

blank round decal stickers Download

More Functional Design Samples and Templates

You can visit Template.net for more inspirational and useful sample templates for your professional or personal usage. The site provides different types of templates with high-quality files such as Graphic Design Templates (Logo, Banner, Wedding Sticker); Web Design Template (Icons, Buttons, Background Texture); and Written Files (forms and letters).

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