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7+ Beautiful Heart Stickers

One of the most common designs you can use in displaying your affection or simply to decorate homes and gifts is by using hearts. Heart stickers can be used to express love on holidays or use them as souvenirs in parties.

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Here, we share some heart stickers you can use for all occasions and discuss a brief use for some of these templates. You can turn your heart designs into wall stickers and place them as interior decorations in your room. You can also design your own stickers by using a graphic art software that can provide you with advanced measuring and photo-editing tools.

Love Heart Stickers

Small Heart Stickers

Red Heart Stickers

Glitter Heart Stickers

Heart Sticker Examples

Though the final output for these templates are physical stickers, these types of sticker templates can also be saved as PDF and PSD files for graphics designers and other designers to replicate and improve its design. Having templates you can rely on saves you the time from making your designs from scratch You can also place captions in your heart designs to portray messages.

Here are some examples of commonly used heart sticker templates:

  • Love Heart Stickers – A common sticker design you can use for any occasion or place as decorations in letters or pictures. These types of sticker comes in different sizes.
  • Small Heart Stickers – Using stickers like these will help you decorate small objects. This can also be used as seals for letters to give them more style.
  • Glitter Heart Stickers – You can use glitter heart stickers as souvenirs for different kinds of events. These types of stickers are also commonly used as another prop for decorating.

Love stickers are commonly used during Valentine’s Day for someone to express their love to another person. These types of stickers usually have a paper surface for you to write your messages if needed. Usually, these stickers come in different shapes and sizes.

Heart Wall Stickers

Heart Chalkboard Stickers

Printable Heart Stickers

Vintage Heart Stickers


Sticker Characteristics

Since these types of stickers are meant to be given or used as decorations for different events, other characteristics these types of stickers have also include the following:

  • Different shapes and sizes. The different stickers being provided lets you choose how your stickers will be like in different shapes and sizes. This can be convenient if you want to place your stickers in different objects or use them to contrast other decorations.
  • Easy to cut. Once your stickers are printed out, you can easily cut them with guidelines for you to trace when cutting out your stickers.
  • Sticker sets. Other templates can also come as sets. An example for this would be a twelve month sticker which displays one month per sticker. You can use these stickers to write down your events or daily activities. You can also use a sticker set with shapes to decorate your room.

Using stickers as a wedding souvenir would be a great way to express your thanks and gratitude to your guests. You can download a variety of wedding stickers from our website to give you ideas on some sticker templates to use as your wedding souvenirs. Once you’ve chosen your sticker template, you can easily save them and print them out.

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