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Response To Inquiry Concerning Former Employee Template

Response To Inquiry Concerning Former Employee Template in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages, Outlook

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As with all businesses, we often get reference checks for previous employees trying to apply for new jobs. It is therefore imperative that in replying to these checks that we use this Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee and go about it with utmost care to avoid repercussions coming from differing state laws. Our document only sticks to the facts such as the job title and corresponding job responsibilities, final salary, and dates of employment. Make sure such checks have the employee’s authorizations. Be as positive as possible to provide a fighting chance for any previous employee by downloading and using our letter template today.




Good Day!

We have received your letter regarding your inquiry for our former employee named [NAME].

We affirm that [NAME] is a former employee of [COMPANY NAME]. [HE/SHE] holds the position of [POSITION at [COMPANY NAME] for a period of [NUMBER] months/years. [HE/SHE] was receiving a weekly/monthly/annual salary in the amount of [NUMBER] [CURRENCY] as compensation for all the works and services done by [HIM/HER] for the benefit of the [COMPANY NAME]. [HE/SHE] was a full-time employee.

[NAME] employs these several traits that made [HIS/HER] an important asset of the [COMPANY NAME]. The aforementioned are the only basic and verifiable information that [COMPANY NAME] can divulge to you since it is the primary rule of the company to not disclose the necessary and important details of any past or present employee to third persons as provided for under Section [NUMBER 2] of the Bylaws and/or Code of Conduct of the [COMPANY NAME]. 

Should this response do not suffice that information you are looking for, feel free to get in touch with our [DEPARTMENT] who are equipped with all the information and data with regard to all our past and present employees. 

Thank you very much and have a good day!




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