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How to Make Blank Brochures in MS Word

Over the past years, more businesses have substantially relied on digital marketing to promote and advertise the services that they offer effectively. Because of this drastic change, print ads were greatly affected. Despite this, many consumers still find print advertising more trustworthy compared to digital advertising. According to Medium, 55% of surveyed consumers said that they trust print marketing more compared to any advertising method.

If you have finally decided to use brochures as part of your marketing strategies, then check out our guide tips below on how you can make it more engaging through the MS Word program.

1. Go With Transparent Designs

Beautifully designed brochures are not just the ones who can get the attention of your audience—simply designed brochures can also do it for you. Let's say you're creating a trifold travel brochure, to give it a simple yet effective look, use clean fonts and compliment it well with the plain color background of your brochure. Minimalists would surely appreciate these kinds of designs because it translates a clean and modern look for your print ad material.

2. Create It With Surprises

To allure more the interest of your audience into your brochure, you will need to integrate some surprises in it. How to achieve this? It will depend on your creativity. You may also check out other design techniques on the internet like patterns and fold-outs. Try not to bore out your audience and keep them engaged in it by integrating some impactful surprises. You may place these design surprises in either the first page or middle part of your editable brochure, but just make sure to sustain them all throughout.

3. Use Colorful Shapes

Every vital information in your brochure should be highlighted with great emphasis. If it is a classroom brochure, then these should include details like the name of the teacher, subject, grade level, and daily school routines. One technique that you can use to put great emphasis on them is by placing them inside a colorful shape. Doing this will likely add up some element of interest in your brochure. Don't limit it to one, use other shapes as well.

4. Make It Interactive

To make your foldable brochure more effective, it has to be interactive with your readers. Don't settle with pamphlet like designs and be more creative. Try to be experimental with your layouts. It would be best if you sketch out your ideas first and choose what type of design layout will match with the purpose of your blank brochure. For uncreative individuals, try using three-dimensional designs because they are one of the proven design techniques that will surely engage them to read more about your business brochure.

5. Be Wise With Your Color Choices

Colors can also help deliver the message that you want to convey with your brochure. For instance, if you are creating a student brochure, then you must use kid-friendly colors like purple that'll make your brochure more attractive to their eyes. Remember to always create contrast with your color choices to add more interest in its overall look.

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