Compared to full-scale brochures and catalogs, trifold brochures are relatively cheaper but are still effective promotional materials. If you want more style and design options for your designing process, we have a wide range of templates that you can choose from. These templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, beautifully designed, professionally made, time-saving, and are printable. We designed these templates to suit the specific purpose or industry that they will be used for so that finding the perfect one for your brand will be an easy task. With an easy-to-edit and printable features, you're guaranteed to enjoy efficiency and convenience. Download our ready-made trifold brochures in Microsoft Word for free now!

How to Create Trifold Brochures in Microsoft Word

A trifold brochure makes three equal sections on a paper. This brochure style is effective since the content is widely opened so the information is noticeable. This brochure is easily fitted to brochure racks.

Here are some tips on how to make a brochure in a trifold style:

1. Think about Your Readers

Before you start your brochure, you have to prioritize your audience. Firstly, think about the people who will read them. Make sure that you have a background of these people. If you write and design these brochures for your target market, then you have a high chance of being successful. You have to prioritize your readers. Considering that if the audience will not read your brochures, then your simple brochures are a failure.

2. Make an Outline

To make brochures easier, you have to start drafting your outline. This way you will have a guide all throughout the process of making your brochures. You can easily make alterations on your outline if you think that some of the outline contents are not appropriate anymore.

3. Download a Template

You need to choose what kind of look you want your brochures will have. You can download blank trifold brochure templates and edit them. There is a lot of software to choose from. One of these is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is not only convenient for making documents, but it can also make brochures. Aside from this software, Microsoft Publisher is a candidate for making brochures.

4. Front Page

Note that you have to start with powerful content. Make your first page something attractive. Never make a lousy introduction. Trifold brochures are the most common style of folding, meaning there are a lot of businesses using this style. For instance, your brochures are on a rack, together with other companies' brochures, you have to make yours stand out. Use an eye-catching background. Make your audience grab your brochures instead of the others in the line.

5. Making the Content

Trifold brochures are very appealing. This is because of the way they are folded. When readers open them, they will see each section revealed after the other, making them more intriguing. So, you need to use this style wisely. You need to decide where you should place your contents. When you write, you have to divide your sections according to the topic. Make the contents engaging as much as possible.

6. Designing Your Brochure

When you design your brochure, go back to tip number one: think about your readers. Your designs should not depend on your taste. They have to be in harmony with your audience. Make sure that the designs you are incorporating should be favorable to the readers. However, this does not mean that you will have to ignore your opinions. Make sure that the designs and layout are appropriate to your business and the topic of your brochures.

7. Include Images

Images are important to keep your audience's interest. The quality of your images on your brochures will reflect on your company. If you choose low-quality pictures, people may assume that you are low-quality as well. So as much as possible, make your audience believe the truth that you are a well-established company.

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