Calendars are a huge part of our daily existence. Our events, personal or business, are plotted in calendars. Calendar can be found on other documents as well, such as planners and organizers. These calendars come in weekly and monthly options, and in several formats too. These can take up a full page in print. If you're designing a calendar for personal or office use, browse our selection of templates at and take your pick.

All templates in our website are packed with fillable and editable pre-designed content. Take one that fits your needs and preferences, and edit the template until you're satisfied with the final look. Our templates provide you convenient editing. Our formatting buttons work well to help you edit your work smoothly. We also have sample templates for academic, training, and annual calendars. You can change some of its colorful pages to suit your business. Put the months in a single page or allot a page for each one. Our templates are also available in Microsoft Word format, so it's more convenient for you to create your template. Choose from portrait or landscape orientation for the template's final look.

Save your work to avoid losing your progress. With our templates, you don't need to look far to create your calendars. provides downloadable templates that always come in handy when you need one for any type of document. Plot your schedules better by downloading our templates today!

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