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How to Make a Christmas Brochure?

When creating advertising brochures, make sure they won't end up getting thrown down the garbage bin. Getting your brochures in the hands of prospects is half of your goal; getting them to read is what's more important. To make sure you'll pull off this kind of brochure, refer to our list of instructions below.

1. Decide on a Type of Brochure

Brochures come in so many types with each one having a specific way of delivering the content. The most common types include the bifold (also known as half-fold) and the trifold brochure wherein the former is for simple presentations while the latter is for general purposes. If you're planning to put heavy graphics, you might want to go for the gatefold type, which is a slight variation to the trifold brochure.

2. Choose between Traditional or Modern

When designing brochures, you can always stick to the tradition by using simple, religious, or cultural symbols, or you can also go modern by taking note of what's trendy. This is, after all, dependent on your target audience wherein the older ones would usually prefer traditional brochures while the younger ones prefer modern brochures. Whichever of the two you're creating, try to make the design appreciable on both ends.

3. Add a Theme to the Design

A theme is usually common in brochures that are used in businesses, but it can also be used for personal brochures as well. The advantage of adding a theme to the design of your brochures is it adds a unique or distinctive touch to it that reflects your personality. For business brochures, a theme is something that the company uses throughout its marketing campaign to help customers associate the entity with the advertisement materials.

4. Write a Comprehensive List of Products or Services

The main content of your commercial brochures is the list of products or services that are being offered by the business. It should be written comprehensively to make it easier for readers to get the information they need. There are many ways for you to write effectively and this includes using short but straightforward sentences, the use of bullet points, focus on benefits rather than features, and by acknowledging or addressing issues present.

5. Include an Introduction and Some Testimonials

The difference between brochures and flyers is that the former is more thorough in terms of content and it allows for more information than the latter. Aside from the list of services, sample brochures also come with an introduction that explains briefly how the business or organization was put together and what it aims to achieve. Lastly, brochures can also include statements from past customers that explain their experience with the business.

6. Always Remember to Add White Space

Don't take white space for granted; it not only organizes the content but also helps the elements to be distinguishable from each other. White space can help make your brochures look more elegant and classy. Additionally, white space is capable of making your brochure's content a lot more readable while also making the design look pleasing.

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