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What is a Greeting Card?

A greeting card is a beautifully designed 5-inch by 7-inch document that bears good wishes for someone during a birthday, holiday season, or any other events to be celebrated. Greeting cards are also another form of letting someone know you are thinking about them.

How to Create a Christmas Greeting Card

Did you know that in the U.S. there are almost 7 billion greeting cards purchased every year? According to the Greeting Card Association, the greeting card industry generated nearly $7.5 billion in retail sales in just a year. The top-selling seasonal cards are the Christmas greeting cards composing over 60% of all individual purchased greeting cards. If you tend to build a business involving greeting cards, then you must make sure to stand out in the market. Check out these tips and steps to help you with your holiday greeting cards.

1. Get to Know Your Audience

In every business planning, you must figure out first who your target market is. You must know who they are to have an idea on how to start your greeting cards. A Christmas card could mean anything—a message for a family member, friends, significant others, or colleagues. These small things can help you figure out concepts and themes to apply on your holiday cards.

2. Come Up with a Well-Written Content

For your content, you must incorporate it into the subject and concept you decided for your Christmas postcard. The content of your greeting cards can also be a Christmas invitation card for your upcoming holiday activity. You can have the name of the recipient, the message, the sender, and other essential details you want the card to have. Placing photos on your greeting cards can also be applied, depending on your theme and concept.

3. Play with Typography and Designs

You need to have your holiday cards appear as beautiful and aesthetic as how you want your message to convey. Using artistic fonts for texts can attract your audiences even more. To make things easier, you can use pre-formatted templates to have a convenient process of making season greeting cards. These templates offer professionally crafted designs and texts you can freely use later on.

4. Finalize the Card Layout

Gather all your plans and content to start finalizing your template. If you have picked a holiday template, then you can quickly edit its content to match your specifications. You can choose any editing program you are comfortable using and customize the template with animated designs, messages, and other information you need.

5. Print and Send the Card

Proceed to print when you have finalized your printable holiday card template. You should use high-quality paper for your cards to make it look more attractive and eye-catching for your audience. You can share your event cards online via email and social media as well to reach more people.

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