Christmas Letter Templates

Download’s Free Ready-Made Christmas Letter Templates and Get Professionally-Written Letter Samples for Something as Simple as a Christmas Greeting to Someone to Letters of Appreciation, Thank You, or Request. For Other Purposes Related to Christmas, You Can Also Download a Letter of Solicitation, Party Invitation, or a Letter of Christmas Bonus to Employees in Your Business. Download Now for Free!See more

It's a yearly holiday tradition to send creative Christmas greetings to your loved ones. While most love using Christmas cards to wish others well during the holidays, some people still prefer writing a comprehensive letter detailing the highlights of the past 12 months. If you haven't tried writing a Christmas letter before, then this will be the year for you to get started with the help of our easily editable Christmas Letter Templates. These downloadable templates are 100% customizable for every dedication that you want for your letter. You don't have to start from scratch as these templates come with unique suggestive texts and high-resolution designs. Enjoy your holiday by using our templates today!

What Is a Christmas Letter?

Statistics mentioned that there are 93.4 percent of American customers last year that purchased Christmas presents, and Christmas letters and cards are part of it. A Christmas letter is a personalized dedication sent as part of the all-inclusive Christmas holiday to express a variety of season-related expressions among people.

How to Create a Christmas Letter

If you have no idea how to get started with Christmas letters, this article offers you five (5) tips in creating a decent letter that will surely be read with great excitement.

1. Start with a Welcoming Message

Instead of emphasizing how rapidly the year has gone by, start your friendly letter with an optimistic message by stating joyful messages such as asking how the recipient is and how everyone is doing. Stating some simple news straight to the point is enough.

2. Do Not Brag about Your Achievements

There are many details that you might want to tell about a particular person in your family and close friends, and there are a dozen possible reasons for boasting about your achievements. Only talk about the best one or two highlights for each person to avoid yourself from stating the entire achievements in the sample letter.

3. Present Some Highlights of the Year

Now that you have talked about the achievements specifically about each family and close friends, it's time for you to recapture the highlights of your entire family. This is the perfect time to input a couple of images! Images are designed to improve your message, so at least put 2 or 3 copies to present the highlights.

4. Focus on Your Recipient

Think about the person who you are writing the simple letter to. Think of the expressions of the loved ones who'll read your Christmas letter. In your letter, discuss everything that you would like your closest friends and family to know. Don't focus too much on your side of the stories.

5. Extend Your Best Wishes

Christmas is a season to celebrate with everyone we've ever cherished. End your letter with your special message of genuine emotions. Everyone is completely engulfed in the season, and that brings with it a variety of sensations. Express your well-wishes to everyone with a great Christmas dedication and close your yearly letter with cheer and sincerity.


  • What does Christmas mean?

      Christmas is commemorated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. People around the world frequently celebrate Christmas, even if they are Christians or not. It's a moment when friends and family get together and appreciate the beautiful things that they have.

  • What symbolizes the Christmas tree?

      In 2004, the Christmas tree was named as a sign of Christ by Pope John Paul.

  • Who invented the concept of letters?

      Scholars attribute their success to a well-known Proto-Sinatic, Semitic writing type formed in Egypt between 1800 and 1900 B.C.

  • What are the different types of letters?

      There are three (3) different types of letters:

      1. Formal
      2. Informal
      3. Semi-Formal
  • What is the primary purpose of a letter?

      A letter is a personal message transmitted medium from one person to another. Letters can be both formal and informal. In addition to a method of communication and an archive of data, letter writing has contributed a part of history in reproducing writing as an art.