Christmas Brochure Templates Word

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How to Create a Christmas Brochure in MS Word 

In the United States alone, nearly $687.87 billion was spent on gifts, decor, travel and more during the 2017 holiday season. During the succeeding year in 2018, the numbers increased to $721 billion. As a marketing officer, the statistics show that the holiday season is your excellent advantage for you to boost your marketing strategy and sales. One way to achieve that is by incorporating your marketing material such as brochure to the holiday season. 

Above this is a series of elegant Christmas brochure that you can download for free. We also listed below a guide on how you can creatively formulate your brochure design.

1. Choose And Open MS Word

Make use of editing software that would provide a high-end of editing tools for your layout needs. We highly suggest that you'll use MS Word in the actualization of your product or service brochure. MS Word offers an editing feature that is perfect for your Christmas brochure project. Moreover, if you choose to pick on our templates above, all of them can also be accessed in MS Word file format.

2. Determine Your Brochure Type

There are several types of a brochure that you can use such as a bi-fold brochure, tri-fold brochure, gatefold, z-fold brochure, double parallel fold, double gatefold, accordion fold, roll fold, and french fold. Pick the best brochure fold that you want to use in your project. Additionally, you need also to choose the right size for your brochure. There are several standard sizes that you can choose such as A4 (210×297 mm), A5 (148×210 mm), Letter (8.5×11 inches), Legal (8.5×14 inches), and DL (110×220 mm)

2. Pick Your Brochure's Design Elements

Christmas-themed printed material needs to be creative and colorful to attract potential market like children. In choosing your holiday brochure design, incorporate the basic holiday season scheme like green, red, and yellow color palette; high-quality Christmas images, etc. For brand identity purposes, it is also best if you still integrate your business' branding elements like your business logo or letterhead.

3. Formulate Your Brochure Information

When you already formed the aesthetic look, now is the time where you can construct the important content for your printable brochure. Insert the necessary information that you want to include in your brochure. Chronologically organize your content and as much as possible, use a straight forward tone. After finalizing your content, you can now review the details by proofreading it.

4. Transfer Your Design And Content

When you transfer your design elements and your content in, make sure that you'll carefully maintain a balance in your layout. To make your visuals more appealing, you need to divide and align your content paragraphs into a section. Additionally, as much as possible, avoid mixing your information content with too many design elements.

5. Produce Your Creative Brochure

Lastly, when your brochure is already set for production, determine the print paper that you opt to utilize. You can choose from these standard paper for brochure printing: glossy, matte, paper stock, and card stock. Then decide an avenue to produce your Christmas brochures, whether you want to print it in your office printer or to a commercial print shop.