How to Create a Company Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

A Company Brochure is like any brochures that are the primary tool to advertise/promote the company, its product, and its services. Even though it is a brochure, the content of a company brochure is more formal, and it contains the company profile, testimonies, awards, services, and products offered.

Company brochures are usually used by a construction company, architecture company, engineering company, multipurpose company, and many more. You have nothing to worry about because we are here to help you in improving your skills in making the best brochure design for your company compared to your other competitors.

1. Identify your Audience

You need to be more specific to your audience, that is why before you start making your corporate brochure, it is safe to identify your audience first. Determine your target audience, and this will serve as your inspiration to tailor down your designs and contents that are appropriate for your specific target audience.

2. Write a Draft for the Content

To make things smooth, draft everything first. Writing a draft will enable you to think ahead on what to do next. It will also avoid you from making a lot of mistakes. Make a draft for everything, from your desired design, the content details, and even to the images that you want to include on your marketing brochure.

3. Choose a Brochure Fold

This is necessary so that you will be able to estimate if your content will fit on the brochure fold you have chosen. There are tons of brochure folds that you can choose, some of them are the bi/half-fold, tri-fold brochure, z-fold brochure, gatefold, double parallel fold, accordion fold, roll fold, double gatefold, and french fold.

4. Use Adobe Illustrator

Though there are a lot of popular editing software because of modern technology, it will not hurt you but actually will help a lot if you choose Adobe Illustrator when you do your editing. This software has buttons that are easy to familiarize and has the best editing effects that will make your brochure in graphic design.

5. Insert the Content

You already have the draft so that this part will be easy already. Insert the contents that you have written in your draft where you deemed they should be. Properly make use of the space on every single page of the advertising brochure. Be sure that every one page has a piece of particular information most especially the cover page since it is the part where the reader will first see.

6. Add High-Quality Images

Be creative and make use of your company logo and any images that reflect your company, then insert it in your brochure. Any promotional materials, even a corporate flyer, need a photo to make the advertising more effective. Readers usually look for images since it is entertaining.

7. Proofread, Print then Distribute

Even though you already wrote a draft to avoid major mistakes, it is still not guaranteed that when you are done with everything, it is already perfect. Proofread everything and even check the designs to be sure. After that, print on your own or hire professional printing businesses and do not forget to use cardstock paper for the material. When everything is ready, distribute your tri-fold or bi-fold brochures immediately to your targeted audience.

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