In today's time, where most people have adopted the emergence of the digital age, print marketing never gets old. Whether you are going to promote your travel, real estate, or any business, print marketing materials are worth it to do the job. With that, we offer you a wide variety of professionally made and ready-made Brochure Templates available in bi-fold and tri-fold style. Our high-quality brochure templates are 100% customizable in all versions of Adobe Illustrator to give you convenience. These templates are available in A4, and US Letter sizes with professionally written content and preformatted layouts and designs. Make your products, services, or brands reach a broad audience using our free marketing brochure templates. What are you waiting for? Download now!

How to Make a Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

In a business setting, the existence of print marketing has been argued by many, whether it's still alive or have Internet marketing and social media took over. We cannot deny the fact that digital marketing is a big help, but print marketing gives more weight in terms of advertising your business. Print marketing is still worth it since it shows professionalism and targets specific audiences. That is one of the reasons why you should consider using a print marketing material.

Print marketing has many forms. You can choose brochures, flyers, catalog, magazines, posters, etc. All are proven effective, but one of the best ones is a brochure. So, if you are going to use brochures as your marketing material, we have enough information that will help you in making an efficient and eye-catching brochure. Here's how.

1. BI-fold or Tri-fold

Brochures have two types. You can have a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure. If your advertising brochure focuses more on images, you may use a bi-fold format. But if you want to provide more details about your products and services, a tri-fold brochure format is highly advisable. Either way, both are effective in terms of captivating your target market. Pick the brochure format that you think will best represent your business.

2. Your Audience Matters

Every business owner or marketing professional has one goal—and that is to draw attention to their target market. No matter how beautifully designed or well-crafted your print marketing material is if it does not impact your prospects, it will never make sense. So, knowing your target audience is imperative. You may perform a target market analysis to be able to identify their interests. Doing so will allow you to produce a brochure that is audience-centered.

3. Use a Brochure Template

Making your brochure from scratch is good, but utilizing a ready-made brochure template is a wise move. A printable brochure template offers you preformatted graphic designs, artworks, and layouts along with suggestive content. That means you don't have to worry about the appearance of your brochure. Here in PRO, we have plenty of brochure templates available in multiple uses that are personally crafted by our professional in-house designers. Simply download the template that suits your needs.

4. Customize in Adobe Illustrator

After you choose a sample brochure template, you may customize and personalize it using Adobe Illustrator. This industry-standard vector graphic editing application has full-fledged designs, font styles, and artworks that you can use. Modifying your template in Adobe Illustrator is hassle-free since this software is easy to use. This software is also accessible in various devices so that you can edit your brochure template anywhere.

5. Print and Distribute

Once you have everything ready, you can already print your advertising brochure. If you want to print it yourself, we recommend you use the best paper stock for better results. Remember, your brochure must be professional-looking to draw interest to your prospects effectively. After that, you can proceed to the distribution of your brochure. It is best to do the brochure distribution in crowded places to reach more potential customers.

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