How to Create an Editable Bi-Fold Brochure in Illustrator

A bi-fold brochure contains an introduction and/or information regarding a certain product or service, an emerging business or an organization. To produce an effective brochure, you should identify first all the information that you will introduce into the promotional document. You can find useful resources and materials on the internet such as bi-fold or tri-fold brochure templates, flyer templates, a pamphlet template, and more.

On November 2016, a German online portal for statistics surveyed several small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners in the United States and found out that 79% of them had already been using flyers and brochures as part of their marketing strategies.

With that knowledge in mind, here are the steps that will allow you to create a bi-fold brochure in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Learn the Essentials

To be able to produce a simple but comprehensive bi-fold brochure, you need to know what you should include and exclude in the contents. It will be very helpful if you have a reference guide available in your office like a sample brochure or a brochure and/or pamphlet template. You can also find and gain ideas from creative brochure examples and brochure designs online.

2. Know What Needs to Be Included

This task is so basic and simple if you already know the main goal and concept of the business. You can easily identify the information and details that you need to include in your brochure. Because the brochure space is limited, you should find a way to fit all the information without overcrowding the pages of the document. If you still have enough space left, you can also add your company's slogan or a catch phrase that will capture the attention of your target demographic.

3. Come Up With a Unique Design

An effective marketing or campaign material should have a unique feature that will compel each potential customer to read the contents of the brochure from the first page up to the last one. The color scheme and the theme should represent and match with the color palette used by your company. If you want to use a fresher approach, you can use any color patterns as long as it complements the material and will not overwhelm the contents.

4. Make Use of An Available App or Software

Haven't tried making a promotional brochure before? The solution is only a button away. Just grab your smartphone or any mobile device and connect it to the internet. Look for a proven and tested brochure making app or software that is user-friendly and can be customized according to your needs. You can also download some free brochure templates and/or some free flyer templates and use them as the basis in crafting your personalized bi-fold or tri-fold brochure.

5. Review and Save the Final Output Before Printing

When you're done adding the necessary information and details in your document, review the contents and the formatting to make sure that everything is in order. Make the needed adjustments and modifications before saving the file to your phone or to a universal storage bus (USB) or any data storing device. Print the final draft using high-quality paper or cardstocks to give it a glossy polish.

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