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  • Business cards are a staple in the world of commercial enterprise, offering an elegant and professional way to exchange contact information. If you need easily editable materials to help design your cards, then go ahead and download our Business Card Templates. Whether they’re for photography, real estate, or construction, you can make impressive prints by using our content. And for conveniently shareable templates, you can get our samples as PDF files. Download our creative templates to quickly prepare unique business cards!

    How to Make Business Cards in PDF

    Even in our modern digital age, the exchange of business cards remains a relevant tradition among businessmen (as an article from The Balance explains). Not only do these prints contain contact details, but they also act as physical extensions of their owners.

    From fashion to construction, you can make a business card for all kinds of industries. If you want to make your designs shareable on all platforms, then read our tips (below) on how to do so through PDF.

    1. Prepare Your Business Card’s Design Space

    First, make sure you’re using an application that lets you save PDF files. Adobe Photoshop and Apple Pages are two examples of such applications.

    Part of what makes a business card convenient is its compact size. When measuring the design space, opt for 3.5 x 2 inches. Additionally, add a bleed area by making the design space just slightly larger.

    2. Draft Your Card’s Information

    A modern business card’s other convenience factor is its summarized information. Write down your full name, business’ name, and profession in the middle—optionally, add a slogan and awards. In one of the lower corners, write you various contact options (phone number, website, etc.). In one of the upper corners, insert your business logo.

    3. Use a SImple Graphic Design

    When creating your business card’s visuals, going with a subtle and minimalist design is essential. To do so, incorporate simple vector-style graphics. If you have pre-established branding colors, then remember to apply those to the renders.

    4. Keep Your Card’s Text in Mind

    Your business card’s written content also needs aesthetic appeal. Apply font styles and font colors that complement the design’s overall look, making sure they stand out from the background. Use different sizes in the various sections, like making your name and business’ name the largest.

    And now you have a better understanding of making a business card! Create easily shareable designs for art, real estate, construction, and more!


  • What kind of material can I use for printing out business cards?

      People often use cardstock for printing out business cards.

  • What are some suitable colors to use in a business card design?

      Here are a few colors you can consider for your business card design::

      1. Blue
      2. Orange
      3. Red
      4. Silver
  • What kinds of business cards does provide?

      Some examples of’s business cards are:

      1. Agency business cards
      2. Construction business cards
      3. Engineer business cards
      4. Salon business cards
  • How many business card designs are available at

      Over 400 business card designs are available at

  • Which applications are compatible with’s business card designs?

      The following are compatible:

      1. Adobe Illustrator
      2. Adobe InDesign
      3. Adobe Photoshop
      4. Apple Pages
      5. Microsoft Publisher
      6. Microsoft Word