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Share a Little Bit of Love to Your Loyal Customer by Selling Gift and Happy Birthday Vouchers From Your Store. Supplies Various Voucher Templates, Including Discount and Cash Payment Voucher Formats or Printable Christmas Gift Vouchers With Unique Designs to Cater To Your Every Need. These Templates Are Editable Using Microsoft Word.See more

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  • If you’re looking to attract more consumers to your business, then consider incorporating gift vouchers. And so, to help design your coupons, we’re offering our easily editable Voucher Templates for instant download. With our versatile samples, you can quickly create vouchers for a spa massage, discount shopping, restaurant dinner, and other redeemable goodies. Plus, if you need content that’s convenient to share and edit, you can download our samples as PDF files. So, don’t delay and download now—make printable vouchers of your own with our original templates!

    How to Make Vouchers in Adobe PDF

    Vouchers (AKA “coupons” and “gift cards”) are useful for promoting your offers to possible customers. All kinds of businesses use these certificates, offering them in both printed and digital formats (as an article from Investopedia explains). Whether you run a beauty salon, travel hotel, or health spa, vouchers are great for making your goods and services more appealing.

    Do you need designs that you can quickly share and edit? If so, feel free to read our tips (below) on creating your vouchers and preparing them as PDF files.

    1. Start With Your Software and The Voucher’s Size

    Designing gift vouchers in PDF is simple enough on your own. To do so, you need a processing application that lets you add images, customize text, create simple shapes, and save files in PDF. Some examples of such software are Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.

    After selecting an application, set the voucher’s size in your document. For a universal size, go with 3 x 8 inches.

    2. Use Creative Imagery

    Incorporate photos, artwork, and other professionally made images to make your vouchers pleasing to the eye. At the same time, your visuals should be thematically appropriate to your marketing. Besides that, use images that you can suitably crop to fit your card’s shape.

    3. Apply Simple Colors and Graphics

    To bolster your voucher’s look, consider adding sleek graphic renders. You can do this by manipulating simple shapes to create vector designs. In terms of colors, put together a palette that resonates with your business’ branding style.

    4. Be Smart With Your Voucher’s Writing

    While drafting the written content in your coupon, pay attention to the design’s size and layout. Consider different font sizes for specific sections and apply colors that complement the overall aesthetics.

    And with that, you’re ready to create designs in PDF! Now you prepare vouchers for all your promotional needs!


  • What are the standard sizes for making a gift voucher?

      The most widely used voucher sizes are:

      1. 3” x 7”
      2. 3” x 8”
      3. 3.5” x 8.5”
  • What are some well-known brands that offer gift vouchers?

      A few popular businesses that offer gift cards include:

      1. Walmart
      2. Best Buy
      3. iTunes
      4. Amazon
      5. Target
  • What kinds of voucher designs are available at

      Some of’s available voucher designs are:

      1. Christmas vouchers
      2. Dinner vouchers
      3. Discount vouchers
      4. Hotel vouchers
      5. Photography vouchers
      6. Spa vouchers
      7. Travel vouchers
  • How many voucher designs does provide? provides over 600 voucher designs.

  • Which applications are compatible with’s voucher designs?

      The following are compatible:

      1. Adobe Illustrator
      2. Adobe InDesign
      3. Adobe Photoshop
      4. Apple Pages
      5. Google Docs
      6. Microsoft Publisher
      7. Microsoft Word